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Monday, November 15, 2010


George Offerman

As always, when a topic is handled in the way that it should be, it has a tendency to separate those who seem to understand the nature of battle, versus those who want to get along with everyone, in order to ‘feel good’. This past election demonstrated the nature of the battle for the lives of the children, and like it or not, and believe it or not, we have a very good idea of who is who in this war. It may make many uncomfortable, but this is nothing compared to the grisly manner in which these children are brutally murdered 3,500 per day, so it is time to get over this ‘need to feel good’ while we are at war.

The pro life organizations I mentioned in the past few postings are the ones that promote the need to: show abortion to America, spread the word about Abortion, and most often complain about being ‘iced out’ by the MSM in this matter. Like it or not, and believe it or not, Missy Smith’s campaign got the unvarnished truth of legalized child killing front and center during this election cycle. No other group attained national attention, yet international attention on this issue as Missy Smith did, and any Google search of the newswires will prove this true. Yet, it was the ‘foot soldier’ who donated and did the most in getting the word out, not the organizations that fundraise millions and claim they are the ‘voice of the people’.

For some, it seems that reporting the facts and reporting on who did what seems to be ‘stomping’ on these groups. Well, it does no good to get caught up in delusions of grandeur, when these groups are taking credit for work done by the tea party. This is so verifiable and provable that I won’t even debate this with people. The issues front and center were economic. Too much government, too intrusive of a government, too much money printing, too much spending, too much lying to the people, too much controlling of the people by an elite group, too high of a tax rate, and an unaccountable leadership that seems to be more interested in helping Wall street than Main street. The only place, other than Missy Smith and her campaign, legalized child killing was discussed what the pro life media and some local races. It did not make national headlines, nor did any group, except Insurrecta Nex, make any headlines. Again, do a Google search of this.

The vast majority of the pro life organizations did not make headlines, and sure did not drive the national debate on issues, nor persuade many people through ‘changed hearts and education’ to vote differently. Remember, 54% of the Catholics voted for Obama, the most pro death president to ever live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Were hearts changed then? As ‘crass’ as this may be, and as many may not like it, the pro life movement and the vast majority of the organizations made little to no impact on this election. Why? Because their message was muted and sanitized at best, and non existent at worst. The 501 c 3 status made sure of that, and it has been well documented how little was done. Now that the score is being tallied, the excuses and reasons for not supporting Missy Smith’s efforts, or getting the true message out are piling up as high as the money the Federal Reserve is printing. This holocaust is no closer to ending than it was last week, last month, last year, or the last 38 years. In fact, if anything, it is getting more remote it will end as these groups become more established and entrenched in this ‘war’.

Without following the lead of real movements like the tea party, that names those who are turncoats, and uses rhetoric proportional to the issues at hand, the pro life movement is condemning itself to mediocrity and will never result in changing the laws in favor of the babies. It will take heroic efforts, and a fair number of people willing to do whatever it takes to make and keep this issue front and center in the psyche of this nation until this holocaust is thrown on the ash heap of history. Until we have the numbers of people willing to do this, coupled with a REAL PLAN, this movement will get nothing but an occasional crumb thrown its way to pacify those who believe a crumb is a whole meal. The revisionists cannot change the facts of this past election, regardless of how smooth they present their cases. This election was totally influenced by the tea party, and was about economics, not the life issue, as evidenced by the fact the life issue was not debated on the national level, and nearly non existent on the local level.

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