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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


George Offerman

The elections are over and it is time to assess what went well, and what did not. There will be many of the pro life organizations that will take credit for this outcome, as I have already witnessed in some of the ‘press releases’ by a few of the pro life media outlets. These same organizations will revel in the incremental and snail paced changes they believe they caused, and most likely they will not bother to mention the little fact of the tea party in this outcome. Truth be told, the pro-life movement was non-existent in this election and all the rhetoric and BS they will come up with will not change that fact.

This is easily verifiable by looking at the importance of the issues, and who is driving the debate. It is very apparent the number one issue by far, is getting the out of control spending and entitlement goodie basket back in line. Next is creating jobs, then accountability and transparency in government dealings. This vote was a referendum on stopping the rapid takeover of this country by socialistic/fascist elements that believes government knows better than the individual, and thus should have a prominent role and say so in the day to day life of the ‘incompetent’ American. Nowhere, and I mean nowhere, did the life issue come up at all.

However, the capital area was abuzz with the 225 ads that Missy Smith was able to run, and it has created controversy in this metro area of nearly 4 million people. This basically occurred in less than 3 weeks, mainly WITHOUT THE HELP OF ANY PRO LIFE ORGANIZATIONS other than the Insurecta Nex team, and advanced more discussion and true education on the issue of legalized child killing than the rest of the multi million dollar funded, 501c3 organizations combined. For the first time ever, the Washington, D.C area got to see firsthand, the bloody and gory reality of legalized child killing and for the first time since the cursed Roe decision, the forces of death had to confront and defend the reality of their creation, and all they could come up with was derision and hate. It showed their true nature, and many people, who on the surface look moderate, were shaken to their core, and now have many of these images ‘burned in their memories’. That is how real change takes place, not this mamby pamby BS that is sold as real activism by these impotent organizations.

A challenge was put out by Missy Smith’s campaign to the major players and ‘leaders’ in the pro-life movement. There were three simple requests, and all three could have been met without any threat to non-profit status or violation of the 501c3 status. These three requests were 1) endorse Missy Smith personally, 2) donate to Missy’s campaign personally and 3) send out or link Missy’s site to the distribution lists. Do you know how many organizations or leaders did these three items? Ambassador Alan Keyes of The Conservative Majority PAC, Jack Ames of Defend Life, and blogger Jill Stanek. That’s it!!! There were a few who completed one or two of the requests, but most requests were ignored. And this is after all the ‘hoopla’ over how the MSM continually ‘hoses’ the pro-life movement, and after all of the fuss over how candidates run for office, yet sells out the movement once in office. Missy Smith represented both of these facets 100%, and she received the best coverage from the likes of the Washington Post, CNN and the other ‘hated’ MSM outlets that supposedly never tell the true story of legalized child killing. Well, who got caught with their pants down now?

What should be obvious by now to the front line pro lifer is that the vast majority of these supposed pro life organizations are nothing more than organizations that are more concerned over their continued existence and funding than truly ending legalized child killing. We have documented the letters and phone calls to these leaders and organizations, and will be putting out a ‘report card’ on them. It is only fair that their donors know what these organizations and leaders are up to with their money, and the donors should be given an option to fund those organizations that truly are about ending this holocaust. These donors should know how their money has been absconded and wasted in the name of ‘saving babies’ when in fact, it is for the proliferation of the organizations themselves.

Think about it. If an organization has a 501c3 status, and they claim they cannot call out any candidates by name that are pro death, and likewise, cannot by name, endorse a pro-life candidate, why do they fund raise for elections? Is this not a scam in the first degree? But that’s exactly what these organizations claimed, and they will now take credit for the ‘landslide’ in the Republican victories that the tea party actually created. Does this not boil the blood of the front line pro lifer who truly wants to see this bloody holocaust end? Why do these organizations claim to be faith based, when the IRS is their god, and they bow to man’s laws instead of God Almighty? They have their priorities, and the laws of God backwards.

So, over the next several weeks to months, we will be spotlighting these leaders and organizations and ‘calling them out’. We will be naming names and informing those who butter the bread of these organizations that their butter is ending up on moldy bread. For legalized child killing to truly end, we must use graphic images, and confront, face to face, the forces of death. That means getting rid of the shackles of the cursed 501c3 status, and facing the fact we are going to royally piss off the forces of evil. That is the way, and the path is narrow, and lightly traveled.

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