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Monday, November 8, 2010


George Offerman

As promised, the tally of what the pro-life organizations did concerning Missy Smiths candidacy and subsequent run, in showing graphic images, uncensored on the airwaves of Washington, D.C. This was an unprecedented opportunity, and something that has always been claimed by ‘our side’ as a strategy to get the word out. Well, here is the tally of those who stepped up to the plate and maximized this opportunity, versus those who are talk and ran from this. We will be producing this in spread sheet form within the next few days, but I wanted to publish this list because I understand that many of these organizations that did nothing, in the name of ‘not violating our 501c3 clause” are claiming victory and sending out fund raising letters stating such.

It is disingenuous at least, and fraudulent at its worst, that these organizations claim to have influenced the election, when nearly all of them claimed “We cannot name names, by either endorsing particular candidates, or naming those that should not be elected”. Then why in the world did they, or can they claim to ‘influence’ the outcomes of the election? Does this not seem hypocritical? They have no business making this claim if they cannot name names, and as such, they are obeying man’s laws over God’s. As Christians, we do have the right AND the obligation to correct wayward brothers and sisters, and do have the right to say this in public. We at Insurrecta Nex want the front line pro lifer, who wants to see this holocaust end, to see how these groups behaved during this unprecedented opportunity.

This is how to read the following information. These organizations and individuals were contacted, either by telephone, or email, or both and there was a minimum of two communications made to each. They were asked to do three things: 1) Personally endorse Missy Smith for congress, 2) personally donate to Missy’s campaign, and 3) either link Missy’s site or send out Missy’s site information to their distribution list. Along with this were instructions on how to comply with 501c3 laws, and not at any time was anyone asked to violate any laws in complying. This request was made straight to the organizations and individuals who have cried “foul’ in the past concerning the “censored’ nature of legalized child killing, and this campaign and ads told the unbridled truth in uncensored fashion about legalized child killing.

I will start by listing those who complied with all three, then two, then one, then finally, those who did nothing and/or chose to ignore this campaign. Unfortunately, it is this last group that is the largest, and frankly, they should be ashamed they call themselves pro lifers.

Those that met all three requests: Jill Stanek, blogger, Defend Life, Jack Ames, National Black Pro Life Union, and Dr. Alan Keyes. Thank you for your support and true dedication to the pro-life cause. You are truly in this battle to end legalized child killing and God Bless you.

Those who met two of the three requests: Operation Save American, Rev. Flip Benham, Pro Life Action League, Joe and Ann Scheidler, and Priests for Life, Fr. Frank Pavone. Again, thank you to this group, but there are lingering questions, such as, what stopped you from sending out the site information to your distribution lists?

Those who met one of three requests are broken down into two groups, the first are those who endorsed only, and the second are those who contributed. The endorsers only were: Human Life International, Rachael’s Vineyard, CPLS, Dr. Monica Miller, California Human Rights Amendment, Rev. Walter Hoye, Black Americans for Life, and Ken and Brenda Battle Jordan.
Contributors were: Nebraska RTL, and the Justice Foundation.

Likewise, those who did none of the above can be broken down into two groups. The first group consists of those who did minimal work, such as posting an article, or had someone in their organization do something personally for the campaign. Those who did not complete any of the requests, but did at least mention Missy Smiths campaign were: The Vortex, Michael Voris, Spirit Daily, Michael Brown, Life site News, John Henry, Life News, Steven Ertelt and Pro Life Unity all ran at least one story covering the campaign, and Jonathan Darnel, National coordinator for Pro Life Unity Personally donated a substantial amount towards the ads.

Now, for those who did nothing, and either responded with excuses concerning their ‘inability’ to do anything, due to the 501c3 status, or did not even bother to respond: National Right To Life, March For Life, Nellie Gray, Silent No More, Heritage Foundation, Catholic Online, American Life League, Judi Brown, Live Action, Lila Rose, Bell Rescue, Expectant Mother Care, Stand True, Operation Rescue (west) Wichita, Troy Newman, Jeff White, 40 Days for Life, Americans United for Life, Susan B. Anthony List, and Operation Outcry.

So, here you have it. Now, when the fundraising letters arrive by the dozens, and these groups want to ‘boast’ about their ‘accomplishments’ you can use this as a guide to decide whether these groups actually represent your interests in this war to end legalized child killing. This information is accurate, and all of theses organizations and individuals were given ample time and opportunity to respond. This is the scorecard.


  1. Thank you, Missy Smith for all of your hard work,for Pro-life,and for sharing, Ken and Brenda Battle Jordan.

  2. Everyone knows Missy Smith wasn't running to do politics; she was running to show those TV ads of what abortion truly is. It's still a mystery to me why more pro-life organizations weren't shouting from the rooftops about such an historic event as showing abortion on TV in D.C. Maybe then people would be emboldened to show abortion on TV stations elsewhere.