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Monday, November 22, 2010


George Offerman

This upcoming holiday poses a quandary for all the people who will use the airlines to travel to their holiday destinations. You see, in the name of ‘security’ and ‘government benevolence’ these people, or fanatics, have legalized the ability of one agency to take away all rights to one’s body in the name of the ‘greater good’. All of the lefties, Demovamps, socialists, Marxists, elitists, and the willfully ignorant all seem to agree with Big Brother in this matter with statements such as: ‘Suck it up” ‘it’s not molestation, it’s security’ ‘if you don’t like it, don’t fly’ ‘Greyhound and Amtrak are ready when you are’. It again, reflects the death of common sense, along with what is right and wrong, and that ‘government knows best’.

Well, here’s the problem. We have the government telling us we don’t have rights over our bodies in this farce they call security, yet these same people claim that ‘choice’ is a constitutionally guaranteed right, and supplants all other rights. For all of you who don’t want to use your brain: you can’t have it both ways. We either have rights over our own bodies or we don’t. But as usual, the lefties and the rest that do our thinking for us have come up with convoluted and asinine ‘explanations’ for the blatant violation of personal rights. Do you really believe a 3 year old understands being ‘touched in private places’ is ok in the name of supposed national security? Does it change the fact a man is forced to watch his wife being touched in ways that are Biblically reserved only for him, and by ‘law’ cannot do anything about it? This is absolutely sick, and if we don’t wake up and do something about it, very bad things will happen because we didn’t stand up for ourselves.

It seems appropriate for the women in these lines to use the Roe defense. What is the Roe defense, you may ask? The Roe defense is simply the ability to tell these people ‘paws off my body’. Or another way of putting it could be: “you may personally think I’m a terrorist, but that is your personal opinion, and don’t inflict your beliefs onto me”. After all, the Roe defense is ‘guaranteed’ by the constitution, and is considered ‘the law of the land, that trumps all other laws’. In fact, maybe the women in line all ought to say they are flying to procure an abortion, and these searches and ‘pat downs’ are the pro lifers attempt to scare them off from obtaining what is ‘legally their right to have’. After all, how does one really know if the TSA agents are not really those cantankerous pro lifers in disguise? Who knows, with that excuse, maybe the women will be put in the front, and given first class seats.

It’s interesting that the justification used to violate the personal rights of innocent Americans in the name of safety and security is the same as violating the intrinsic right to life of pre born babies for the sake of convenience. In both cases, we are lead to believe that legalizing some behaviors automatically makes them safer, and that those individuals who are in charge of administering said services are of the highest caliber and morality when considering their motives in being in this line of work to begin with. We are finding out that both the abortion industry and the TSA primarily sees their ‘victims’ as cattle, and show a great deal of contempt for those who dare question what they are doing, and the means in which they supposedly do their jobs. As the saying goes “Birds of a feather flock together’. Immoral orders bequeath immoral behaviors.

We all need to think long and hard about the country that is emerging from the continual paranoia garbage thrown our way. How soon will it be that we give all our freedoms away, in the name of security or fear? The death of common sense has lead to the death of passion, and the death of knowing right from wrong. 81% of Americans believe the TSA is correct in their ‘searches’ despite the fact that if this were done in ANY OTHER VENUE the people doing the groping would be charged with felonies. Somehow, are people really going to shut off their sensibilities, and yes, strong intuitions and feelings that this is wrong, because it is ‘national security’? Sounds the same as “it’s not life; it’s only a blob of tissue, no big deal” Oh, why didn’t you say that earlier? For that matter, take my children away, because it’s really about them learning how to properly enter society. Take away my retirement, because I’m too stupid to do it myself. Tell me what to eat, because I’ll get fat and die from too poor of a diet and no exercise.

We need to wake up fast and soon. Enough is enough, and if we don’t speak up soon, we may find we no longer have the ability to speak for ourselves at all. After all, the most innocent of us are already executed en masse, and it seems fewer are willing to do much for them as the time goes by. The insanity needs to end, but it requires sanity to recognize the insanity, and then one needs to have the guts to do something about the insanity, and the majority who accepts the insanity as sanity.

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