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Monday, November 29, 2010


George Offerman

We are supposedly a nation of law and order, as well as a Christian nation, one that protects the most vulnerable of our citizens against tyranny and harm. For much of our history, this was truly the case. Then something happened. It started much before that fateful day in 1973 that has altered the course of this great nation, but it culminated on that day nonetheless. The events I refer to were all of those ‘rulings’, mainly by the judicial branch of our government, that began the elimination of any references of God from public life. This resulted in the separation of God from morality and the rule of law, which ultimately set up the lethal judgment on January 22, 1973.

Ever since 1973, the rule of law and the idea of morality and ethics have continued to erode to the point that even most Christians take on a relativistic view of the world. So when a person steps up and confronts this reality, the majority views this as ‘extreme’ and wants to distance themselves from such an individual and his views. What makes this so paradoxical is the fact that this same majority is clamoring for ‘change’ but they don’t recognize the force of change even when it is in front of them. This is why mediocrity and Incrementalism reigns supreme, and why legalized child killing is in no danger of being overturned while the current methodology is in place and utilized.

My wife and I spent several hours with Randall Terry yesterday discussing his possible run for president against Obama in 2012. Despite the fact that many in the pro life movement will see this as a ‘stunt’, attention seeking or a massive fund raising effort, this effort will bring about MINIMALLY a real conversation and exposure to the true nature of legalized child killing that neither the Church nor the ‘mainstream’ pro life movement has ever done before. For those of you in the D.C metro area, you are well aware of the impact Missy Smith’s ad’s had on the last election cycle, Imagine this at the national level! This country has NEVER SEEN THIS, and it will do more to bring about the necessary dialogue than anything tried before.

Now, for those of you ‘naysayers’ and critics out there, exposure of legalized child killing to such a large swath of the population will result in Mr. Terry receiving things such as: death threats, every conceivable form of public verbal thrashings, dirty laundry from supposed friends and former supporters, condemnation both on a theological level, as well as social levels, and ostracisation from much of the mainstream Society. Now, the above sentence refers to the pro lifers. I haven’t even mentioned what the pro death side would do, but magnify this by 10, and you may then have an idea of what Mr. Terry is willing to put up with to get this issue out in the open.

This is truly taking the issue of legalized child killing to a level in which the average American must make a personal decision about and then act on this. It comes at a time in history in which the average American wants to be left alone and is more interested in his own well being than that of others. It will take him outside of his own comfort zone, and expose him to a universal truth that has been too inconvenient to deal with previously and it will burn itself into his psyche in ways he cannot even begin to imagine. It will also cause rage at the one who ‘exposed’ this inconvenient truth to him and this person will be the butt of this personal rage. It takes a great deal of faith and guts to knowingly expose oneself to such forces, but Mr. Terry has decided to do this. So, for those ‘pro lifers’ who will condemn this action as ‘self promotion and egotistical feeding’, step forth yourselves, and show this kind of courage. Step outside of your own comfort zones and away from your kitchens and computers and do something.

This is a war for the soul of this nation, and by extension, our own souls. Christianity is not a passive belief system; it requires actions and words that are commensurate with whatever challenge presents itself. Legalized child killing is the greatest abomination on the face of the earth, and it is high time we understand this, and then act like it is the holocaust it is. Truly, anyone who would consider themselves ‘presidential material’ ought to demonstrate guts and conviction to the point of being an imitator of the greatest Servant/leader who ever walked this earth. Jesus sees this as the most outrageous crime of our time, and so ought the one who sits at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and takes the Oath of office to “uphold the Constitution of the United States” while placing his hands upon a Bible.

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