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Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

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Thursday, November 11, 2010


George Offerman

Someone forwarded to me a ‘fund raising’ letter from Priests for Life, which is the embodiment of scandal. Now, before someone wants to get on me about picking on Fr. Frank or Priests for Life, I want to be clear, that first off, I predicted this prior to the election and it has now come to fruition, and this fund raising’ letter is a symptom of a larger problem and it happens to be the Priests for Life 501 c 3 organization that was brought to my attention. This is symptomatic of all the 501 c 3 organizations, that are held in check by the god called the IRS. You, see, we have it very well documented that most of theses organizations were held in ‘check’ by man’s laws, and in fact, had to sanitize language used and could only indirectly support those who took the life position.

Also as predicted, these organizations are taking credit for the work of the tea party. Sorry, Fr. Frank and all the others, the pro life issue was not front and center in this election. As much as I hate to give bill Clinton any credit, I have to use his words that cost the first Bush his second term “IT’S THE ECONOMY, STUPID”. It was the tea party that stirred this election cycle, and it was TOTALLY ABOUT THE ECONOMY. Now, I can understand people revising history that may be older than the audience which is targeted, but this election just occurred 9 days ago, and even the most severely attention deficit disordered individual would not believe this load of crap. The pro life issue made news because of what Missy Smith did. Not billboards in Ohio, not the internet ‘ghetto’ press, and surely not any of the 501 c 3 organizations that never used the words legalized child killing, murder or any of the potent language that will get the attention of people. No, these organizations were too busy complying with the laws of man and not ‘offending’ the pro deathers, or running ‘moderate’ themes as to not be seen as ‘extreme’.

It’s interesting that the tea party used harsh language on those who are attempting to turn our nation into a socialist regime. The tea party used harsh language concerning the rampant money printing by the Federal Reserve, and the out of control spending by the Obamination regime. The tea party threatened to ‘fire’ those who did not tow the line on these matters, and we had the largest swing in party control in 70 years. And the tea party is not a 501c 3 organization, nor did they do fundraising, nor are they sending out fund raising letters asking for huge amounts of money nor are they being braggadocios about the outcome of this election. No, the tea party people are very focused on getting what they want, and are motivated by their passions to see this current situation end with as little destruction to this country as possible. These pro life organizations practiced their typical ‘lukewarm’ stance by wanting to tone down the message and get their people elected. Well, many fiscally conservative people also happen to be social conservatives, and if it were not for the economic issues, the Demovamps most likely would have held the House. The pro life movement ought to be ashamed of itself, and they are now out there acting like they were at the front of the line in making this happen. This is humorous, given the fact they could do little without being able to name names, yet somehow believe in their own efficacy in having these candidates elected.

How effective can an organization be if they are not allowed by ‘law’ to openly endorse a candidate who supposedly embraces the cause for which the organization exists to begin with? This seems to be fraudulent from the get go, and I am left wondering, what is their REAL PURPOSE in being in this fight? If I am giving money to a cause, and this cause identifies a ‘perpetrator’ you better be ‘damned straight’ that I expect the organization to name them. If not, then I want neither my money, nor my time wasted by such an organization. Fr. Frank mentioned in his fund raising letter that it is now time ‘to hold their feet to the fire” and follow through with their promises. And how, pray tell, will you do that come election time, when YOU CANNOT NAME THEM BY NAME if they fail? Or if you cannot endorse them? So are these wayward politicians really afraid of organizations that have no teeth, and are bound by an organization, the IRS who will hound them into following the stupid and godless election muzzle? One only need look at the results. For 6 years during Bush II, the executive and legislative branches were held by the Republicants, and little was accomplished. These people have no fear of the pro life movement, but they do the tea party people. Why? BECAUSE THE TEA PARTY PEOPLE NAME NAMES AND USE HARSH BUT ACCURATE RHETORIC. And they will follow through with their promises to ‘throw the bums out’.

What I learned in my sociology of organizations class in college is proving to be true. The professor stated that the ‘prime directive’ of all organizations is survival first. This definitely has been proven true in this election, as organizations that played no prime role, take credit for history making moves and then go on to fundraise millions to do what? Continue their existence, that’s what! Only a lemming wouldn’t understand an organization’s contradictory nature by claiming to raise money to ‘influence’ elections and then not naming who the enemies are, and speaking in ‘code’ to those who fund them concerning what to do next. That is why as long as the 501 c 3 status exists, legalized child killing will continue to exist, and thrive next to these organizations. It’s time to end this charade. Defund all of these organizations.


  1. Well, the mere existence of these organizations you wish to defund scare the hell out of Planned Parenthood, NARAL, et al., so defunding them would be unwise.

    Also, these organizations are not political; they realize, regardless if they gloat on "their" political successes, that the solution is not in politics. The solution is a change in individuals' hearts and minds.

  2. Much if not most of the Tea Party leadership across America is Libertarian & could care less about the pro-life or any other social issues. Fortunately, Tea Party candidates are pro-life.

    I have referred to the c3 status as a deal with the devil in the past & am not denying that to accept this status is to intentionally muzzle yourself. There are many ways to adhere to the c3 regulations without fear of losing the status though. An organization can list candidates and their positions on key issues for instance. Pastors can also speak about the need to vote only for candidates who defend life, and so on.

    Peter Shinn
    Pro-Life Unity