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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


George Offerman

There is a debate going on now concerning whether to use ‘scarce pro life resources’ to pass the personhood amendment in places like Colorado, when it seems there is not much of a chance it will pass. (The personhood amendment lost something like 74-26%) One of the arguments utilized by the side that is against passage of the personhood amendment at this time, Steven Ertelt of life news, believes the way to do it is through the electoral process and the courts. This side also used the classic ‘insanity’ argument, which states the definition of insanity is ‘doing the same things but expecting different results’. Well, then by judging from history and results, those opposed to the personhood amendment, those who embrace incrementalism and the likes of Steven Ertelt qualify as insane.

Incrementalism has been the deadly sin of the pro-life movement ever since compromise was introduced as the ‘winning strategy’ about 30 years ago. If anyone wants to debate this as a ‘winning’ strategy, they truly pass the insanity test as we have had two new young justices placed on the Supreme Court in the past 18 months, and have elected the most pro death president ever. These same groups were nowhere to be found in this fight, as their 501 c 3 statuses disallowed them to name names, and hence, muzzled them from the real battle. Those who have been elected under the ‘pro life’ banner, have time and time again, thrown us under the bus, yet the same insane pro life organizations continue to encourage their re elections in the hope these wayward officials will ‘see the light’.

The people and organizations that embrace incrementalism and the idea we need to ‘retake’ the government via Republicant ‘pro lifers’ are those who are truly insane. They have not learned from the recent past when the Bush II regime had 6 years of the legislative branch to get this done, and they did little but pass some peripheral legislation that was overturned by appellate courts. So those who do not study history, or learn from what they live through are advocating for ‘more of the same’ and will end up killing more babies than admitting they have been misguided and have embraced a cursed route that will end up in, no pun intended, a dead end. These people and organizations are too filled with pride to admit they don’t know the way, nor is their way going to result in victory.

There is not even enough integrity to admit it was the tea party that turned the elections in this cycle, and the tea party is now advocating their candidates now let go of the ‘social issues’ and focuses on the economic issues. This was actively discussed and pushed this last election cycle, yet the pro-life organizations have claimed since then that they were the ones who influenced the massive changes in the numbers of new republicans in the House. The fact of the matter is, the pro-life movement had a negligible effect, if any at all in this past election cycle. To sit there and openly deceive themselves, and those who fund them is the height of insanity, the pro life organizations and individuals who fight against the personhood amendment are showing how truly inane they are if they believe their own hype, or as some have said in the 1960’s “They are smoking their own dope”.

Sadly, the reality is the majority of the ‘newly elected’ are going to vote on economic issues, and basically blow off the pro-life issue. This prediction is easy to make, given that those who are the supposed leaders pay little attention to reality, and want to sell their snake oil as real efforts. All this will accomplish is to demoralize those on the front line who have been sold this garbage as real efforts and actually believed these leaders who made bogus complaints. Then the insanity will continue when some incremental change occurs, and the fund raising and bogus claims of victory will once again, fool many of those into funding them. It is in this way the insanity is perpetuated and legalized child killing continues on unabated in its killing fields.

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