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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


George Offerman

I’m not starting out this year of 2012 with a greeting of “Happy New Year’ because frankly, this year does not look like it will be happy, nor bring tidings of great joy to anyone in Mudsville.  If anything, it should have come in with great sobriety, prayer and an ever growing awareness that much must be done before December 31, 2012 arrives.  As I have said on many occasions, this brings me no pleasure to write of these matters, but there does not seem to be many options, since too many want to live in a Pollyanna world, and not deal with the reality around them.  So, if anyone is disturbed by more warnings, they ought to skip this post and come back later.

There is a real foreboding concerning the fact we are entering the 40th year of legalized child killing this January 22.  Biblically speaking, there ought to be great concern within the Christian community but there is not and there seems to be little evidence this will change one iota over the next year.  It is a sad testimony that Christians in this country have so lost their moral compass that matters such as legalized child killing and homosexual marriage do not raise much of a fuss, and the majority of Christians in this country spend more time falling all over themselves to not ‘offend’ the enemy than consider the aspect that the Living God is highly offended by what he sees.  The Living God does not bless sin and those who commit sin.

We then have this never ending financial catastrophe of massive deficit spending by our rogue government.  As stated before, anyone who remembers junior high math and did not sleep through the lessons on arithmetic and geometric progressions will soon understand we will witness a total collapse of our economy.  This is unavoidable by simple mathematics: we are increasing spending in a geometric progression, while our ability to pay for it is shrinking, due to a smaller workforce making less money, and more of the population on the dole.  This is unsustainable, and should hit its crescendo this year some time.  It is unbiblical for anyone to live beyond their means as a way of life, and this country has done this for going on 40 years.

Obama and his cronies passed two horrible pieces of legislation, SOPA and NDAA.  So, with two horrible and anti freedom laws, the internet can now be shut down, and the military can now hold any American indefinitely in any manner fashionable and may torture to gather information, and ultimately can execute “enemy combatants’ or ‘terrorists’ as defined by the president and his unelected band of bureaucrats who can determine on any standard they perceive is the flavor of the month.  So much for freedom of information and freedom of speech and freedom of unrestricted movement.

For anyone paying any kind of attention, this ought to be a year of preparation.  There is little time left to dilly dally around, and it is of no consequence to me personally if this message ticks or aggravates people.  We are so late in the game, that if one really chooses to not see what is happening, then they are quite deserving of the consequences soon to visit.  As I told my family and a few close friends, I believe I have fulfilled my moral obligation to warn and instruct, and it is now on the reader if they choose to not look, and to do nothing.  I am tired of preaching this message, and it is looking clearer by the day that fulfillment of these matters are on our doorstep and will soon manifest themselves.  It will be only then that the majority will become concerned, but by then it will be too late.

The only question for the reader is: Am I going to let another year go by and simply watch, or am I going to take a good and honest look at this situation and act on what I see?  These matters are terrible and can be frightening, but it does not stop the reality from occurring if one buries his head in the sand.  The time is now upon us that we need to act in the positive, for us and our family.  With the train about to leave the station, it isn’t time to try to convince those who don’t want to board the train, to get the last tickets available.  It’s time to board the train, even if those closest to us refuse.

The stage is set for something very big this year.  There are too many large and dangerous variables for there not to be a major event.  And that’s not to say there cannot be multiple events in the very near future.  But for sure, major change is on its way and we don’t need the Mayans to tell us that.  We simply need to choose to act, and to face the truth of our situation no matter how ugly and unpleasant, and get the job done before we no longer have the ability to get it done.  Remember, it’s better to be prepared years in advance than to be a day late.

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