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Friday, January 20, 2012


George Offerman

The amount of press nationally and internationally Randall Terry is getting is beyond anything compared to the rest of the pro life movement combined.  In fact, I’m not seeing any news story, or efforts by any of the groups that are garnering any attention in the secular media, and none of the leaders are making headlines, or openly challenging any of the candidates, especially the Republican presidential candidates to hold a true pro life position and to demonstrate any real standard of personal integrity and character to keep their word on any promises made.

It seems most of the pro life groups and leadership in this movement hold the same standards themselves that they allow the supposed standard bearers of the pro life banner to hold: simply pledge to discuss ‘dealing’ with the abortion issue and no one will dig into previous voting records, or closely examine the real story behind what has become false pledges over the past few decades.  Gingrich is no more pro life than believing marriage is for life, and Romney is no more pro life than his believing hell care is a ‘conservative value’.

Yet as these same pro life leaders give free passes to scoundrels, they trash Randall Terry incessantly and use every standard and argument against Mr. Terry that they ought to be doing for Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Romney.  As long as these pretender pro lifers mouth the right words, the shallow and daft pro life leadership will gladly throw their support behind these charlatans.  Then, after a few years of no results, the same pro life ‘leaders’ will be ‘surprised’ by the fact the status quo continues, and they once again will clamor for ‘change’ and revert back to the tired old playbook of ‘fund us more to do more’.

The press that Randall Terry is getting has to be worth millions, and is once again thrusting legalized child killing front and center.  When people see these ads, there is no other ay to react than that of great revulsion.  It will cause many who have not paid any attention to this issue to sit up and take notice, and view FOR THE FIRST TIME the vileness and evil of this abominable practice and blood sacrifice to demons.  This is how social change takes place.  And this is the way this very real war must be fought.  Anyone that tells you different is either na├»ve or a liar.

A case in point is a recent news clip from KY3 news in Springfield, Missouri, in which the news castors covered the story and made it abundantly clear they are forced to run the ads unedited due to federal campaign laws, and made multiple disclaimers on what they were showing.  This news story blurred out the ad, stating “it is too graphic to show on the network at this time”.  General Manager, Brian McDonough made two very interesting observations when commenting on the soon to be run ads.  Mr. McDonough stated “Regardless of where people stand on the issue of abortion, it’s our belief that no one wants to see or subject their family to dismembered body parts during the super bowl”.  He then ads “It is our hope that Mr. Terry will not put local TV stations in this no win situation and that he’ll agree not so air the ads”.  See Link:

This is the EXACT REASON why the ads must run.  It is to show ALL OF AMERICA the horrors of legalized child killing in the most graphic terms.  This is what the murder of innocent children looks like, and if it were simply a ‘choice’  that is no more or no less morally equivalent to owning property or choosing what to do for a living, then what is the big deal in showing it?  If it is really a legitimate ‘choice’ or ‘right’, it can’t be intrinsically wrong or repulsive, can it?  If it is legal, doesn’t that make it moral?  These are real questions that must be answered to really end legalized child killing, and nothing will give a stronger prompting to asking these questions than viewing the dead bodies of the victims of this holocaust.

This is why there is a major difference in actions that bring about change.  All actions and activities are not the same, and it is those activities that thrust the issue of legalized child killing front and center that are superior to activities that sanitize and hide the truth.  By sanitizing and hiding the truth, it only demonstrates the reluctance and fears of those claiming to be pro life are not bold enough to tell the unvarnished truth unapologetically, as is required by our faith.  In this war for the soul of our nation, timidity and half hearted efforts are only going to result in judgment from the Living God and will be most severe on those who betrayed the most innocent when they had the opportunity to do something about it.

There is no excuse for the pro life movement to not get behind these campaign commercials.  This opportunity is unprecedented, and there are no other groups doing what Mr. Terry is doing and garnering the attention of the nation in looking at the evil of legalized child killing.   This opportunity, most likely will happen only once, and when it is over, there will not be another opportunity to force this holocaust onto the majority of Americans and leaving a profound image in their heads that this holocaust must be ended, in its totality NOW!


  1. God bless Mr. Terry. I have no idea why the "pro-life MSM" refuses to talk about him.

  2. Alan, a good question that they can only answer. My guesses have reached the conclusion that they prefer a moderate pussy footing type of candidate but it's only my guess.

    George, Have you ever asked the "pro-life MSM" Why they do not talk about Randall Terry? I would be interested in knowing why they do not support someone that tells us his views straight.

    BTW I found it interesting when clicking the news article that the "advertising commission" were concerned about knowing the truth.