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Friday, January 27, 2012


George Offerman

My apologies for the lengthy title of this piece, but I couldn’t come up with a better headline that gets to the essence of this piece.  That being said, the deliberate ‘icing’ by the pro-life ‘press’ of Randall Terry’s presidential campaign (and the congressional campaigns of Angela Michael in Illinois and David Lewis who is running against Speaker Boehner in Ohio) of UNEDITED AND GRAPHIC COMMERCIALS soon to be running in many of the major cities across this land during the super bowl pregame and game is unprecedented as in EVER.  There has never been a presidential candidate before, when using federal campaign laws to run unedited and graphic pictures of dead babies has received the attention these ads are already getting in the states and cities they are being run in.  Nothing has come close to generating the debate on legalized child killing as these ads, which depict in the most graphic way imaginable the despicable nature of “choice’.  There are no efforts put forth BY ANY PRO LIFE GROUP that is even remotely close to doing what these ads are doing.

These groups have used any number of ‘reasons’ why they have not been supportive of Mr. Terry’s, Mrs. Michael's and Mr. Lewis's efforts as their excuse in not backing and funding this effort.  There are other groups and pro life ‘press’ that have simply chosen to ignore these efforts and has rebuffed any attempts by the Terry team reaching out to them.  Many of these groups don’t want to think and act outside of the box given to them by the IRS and the 501 c 3 laws, and do not want to jeopardize their standing among those who they wish to impress, but do not hold to the pro life positions these groups and leaders claim to be representing.

One of the primary refutations offered by many of these organization is that Randall Terry is an ‘attention hog’ is ‘showboating’ and making the claim that it is “about Randall Terry all of the time”.  Some have gone on further to make claims that Randall Terry is so ‘80’s’ and is irrelevant and ought to move on with his life.  I am not sure if these folks making these statements flunked a basic logic course, or truly don’t have the mental capacity to put two coherent thoughts together, but a simple Google search of Randall Terry will reveal at least 200 stories done on these commercials in the past several weeks, with a good number of them being national and international in nature.  I don’t know about these folks, but this much press in such a short time frame seems to make Mr. Terry and his efforts VERY RELEVANT and has brought the issue of legalized child killing front and center of this debate.

I can (and did) a Google search on any number of ‘pro life organizations’ and ‘pro life press’ and find only their own references concerning their efforts.  The MSM is not covering anything they are doing to any extent even remotely close like these graphic commercials are getting.  They are not garnering the attention, and cannot make any serious claims that their efforts are anywhere near the ‘moral’ or ‘noble’ or ‘effective’ standards they have arbitrarily set for their mediocre efforts and lame attempts to mitigate their responsibility in selling the babies out.  No one fears these groups and organizations, and not one government agency or state government or local government or television networks or their affiliates are trying to block any of their efforts to get the message out the way they are the Terry campaign and commercials.  To put it simply, the pro deathers and their conspiratorial and complacent lackey MSM are scared “sh-tless” of this message getting out.

For those who believe Randall Terry and his message are irrelevant or ‘showboating’, explain how the MSM would ‘kowtow’ to Randall Terry and his message.  Does Randall Terry carry God like powers and authority in which he can through the process of osmosis “will’ the MSM into showing these commercials and giving press to his candidacy?  How is this ‘irrelevant’ man making this issue so ‘relevant’ and making it the scourge of this year’s campaign?  I would like for the lame stream pro life press and pro life groups to answer these questions (if they dare).  I also want to know from these leaders and organizations why they are not getting the press and coverage if their efforts are as ‘noble, moral, good and effective”.  Are you deliberately keeping your efforts outside of the MSM presence and hiding them under a bushel basket?  Are your efforts ‘stealth’ in order to not garner negative press from the MSM whom you so loathe?  Maybe double secret probation is in effect here?

For the leaders in the pro life press:  are you aware that Randall Terry and David Lewis and Angela Michael - these three individuals - have garnered more press coverage in the Main Stream Media than all other pro-life groups in the entire nation combined in the last 3 months. The very words "child killing" and "murder of babies" have been in more stories covering them than every other pro-life group in the nation combined in the last year. In other words, their efforts are driving the debate forward, in the exact arenas where it counts the most: politics and the press.  Furthermore, when Randall's ads run in as many as 20 cities (including Chicago, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Tulsa...etc.. and Angela's and David's ads run in St. Louis, Decatur, Terra Haute, Cincinnati, and Dayton, they will reach collectively into over 20 million homes with images of dead babies.

For years, pro-lifers and the pro life press have complained and whined that they do not get fair coverage, or even ANY coverage from the press. These candidates have shown that one can get good coverage, and fair coverage, if one does something that is NEWSWORTHY.  It is so ironic that those so called leaders in the pro life press and movement can hold this standard to the MSM, yet they themselves sit in judgement of 'news' they deem is not appropriate or 'right' and 'choose' to ignore, or to condemn or to simply negate it by claiming all efforts are as 'noble, moral and effective' as all the others.  Yet no one is paying attention or covering their issues as they see it.  So, the leadership of the pro life press is reaping what they sew, and they don't seem to be dealing with it very well. 

For the leaders in the pro life press:  do you find it necessary to write pabulum for the pro life movement in order to raise funds?  Do you enjoy continuing your ‘count’ of the number of issues you put out on the web?  Do you look forward to a ‘long and fruitful life’ of ‘working to end abortion’ while ‘icing’ the real efforts in order to propagate your own ability to make a living off this movement?  It’s time to stand up for the babies and grow a set.  It’s time to end this holocaust, and show all of these ’choicers’ what their choice actually looks like.  If you are constitutionally incapable of making these moves, get the hell out of the way, and you will see how real men get the job done.

You in the pro life press: it's time to report the real truth to the warriors out there, and it is time to be bold, told and sold on the pro life message and do your job as if the world depends on it.  This is a time to get the job done.  We need warriors on the battlefield, and not the collection of wimps, weenies, fruits, flakes and nuts who currently occupy the ‘front lines’ of this movement.  When enough real men step up and do real battle, we will see real result and a real ending of legalized child killing as the Living God requires.  Until then, we will see nothing that resembles any movement towards victory.

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