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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


George Offerman

It is interesting.  As more and more of the lame stream media write about Randall Terry’s candidacy and subsequent purchases of air times before and during the Super Bowl, it draws more attention to the message.  However, too many of the ‘prolife’ groups and  the movement in general are either ignoring the news, or are actually resisting it, and insisting they are doing as much, if not more to draw attention to the pro life issue, and doing it in a way that is not ‘offensive’ to most people’s sensibilities.  Really?  Why haven’t I or anyone else then seen or heard of these wondrous works that is bringing the issue of legalized child killing front and center in this election cycle?

There are some prominent pro lifers out there who are promoting the candidacy of Randall Terry, which ultimately allows for the full and complete exposure of dead babies without any apology or sanitization of the message.  Dr. Monica Migliorino Miller, whose photographs are being utilized for the commercials has stated “What Randall Terry is doing is bold, clever and necessary” in that it is forcing Americans to view the hidden truth of legalized child killing and forcing a crisis of consciousness upon people. 

  Joe Scheidler, acclaimed as the "Godfather of Pro-life activism," says:

 "Randy's campaign will save thousands of babies' lives. Let's help him!"

Jill Stanek, renowned pro-life columnist, says:

"Airing graphic ads during the Super Bowl represent a unique opportunity to show a huge number Americans the truth about abortion during the one time a year they actually look forward to watching commercials rather than ignoring them. Donate to air the ads here. The more money Terry gets, the more times he can run the ad."

It is wonderful to see these three individuals whose leadership is very well known within the prolife movement, as well as a few of the pro life news sites, promote this idea and see the need to show graphic pictures of dead babies, unedited during one of the most premier events of the year.  How unfortunate though, that the majority of the supposed pro life ‘leaders’ are once again MIA from this opportunity, and are pedaling their own efforts as at least as ‘noble and good’ or even superior to showing dead babies unedited during the Super Bowl.  How do I know that?  By the responses given by the leaders who have been approached and were asked to help with this effort.

I would like to throw out a challenge to these leaders (which make up the majority in the pro life movement).  What are you doing to bring attention to ending legalized child killing, and why have we not heard about it?  If all efforts are as ‘noble’ and as ‘good’ and as ‘effective’ where is the press coverage for your efforts?  What about the hate mail and death threats the Terry campaign is receiving?  Are you receiving the same?   What about the resistance one would expect from other ‘pro lifers’ when moving out of the comfort zone and actually confronting this grizzly and evil reality?  Is anyone else, anywhere running or showing unedited graphic ads on television that are getting national and international press and coverage?  I don’t see any and have not heard of any.  But I am still receiving tons of mail and e-mail wanting me to ‘contribute’ to many of these groups that claim to be hot on the trail of ending legalized child killing.  (While never mentioning the words legalized child killing or abortion and not using graphic images).

No, some efforts are superior to others, and efforts that convey half truths, are way more evil than those that present a full frontal assault on truth, as those efforts by the pro deathers do.  If these self-proclaimed leaders want to believe hiding from the truth and placating the enemy is the same morally as fearlessly telling the unvarnished truth, then these self-proclaimed leaders are very delusional, and drinking their own brand of cherry Kool-Aid.  Mediocrity has not been, nor ever will be excellence and no amount of window dressing and flattering language will change this fact.

These so called leaders know who they are, and for them to be so arrogant and self-aggrandizing that they think hiding in their kitchens and behind keyboards while throwing out their messages and organizing virtual protests is the same as taking bullets on the battlefield shows why there is little fear of legalized child killing ever coming to an end on their watch.  These leaders have no idea how to fight and win this war.  If they had any idea, they would gratefully promote and support efforts to get pictures of dead babies into the living rooms of Americans so they would have to look directly upon the ‘choice’ that the evil people have forced down the throats of this once great country.  But no, there is too much fear and too much placation of the enemy and too many ‘reward points’ to be lost if these leaders actually put themselves on the line for the babies.

There is no question that most of these leaders cannot be trusted to forward the naked truth of legalized child killing because they are too scared to do so.  When there are very lame ‘justifications’ such as claiming all efforts are morally ‘equal’, clearly these people have disqualified themselves as being true agents of change.  These so called leaders obviously do not see an unprecedented opportunity and are too busy worrying about how insignificant they will look in comparison to the mediocre efforts put forth on their watch to understand they could be part of a force that becomes unstoppable.  But most likely, one more time, this effort will be wasted, and the majority in this ‘movement’ will ignore this effort, while the lame stream media, one more time, CLEANS UP ON THEM.

Please, for the sake of the babies, contribute to the Randall Terry for president campaign, and truly make a difference for the babies.  To contribute, go to:

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