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Thursday, January 19, 2012


George Offerman

I could have given this post any number of names, such as ‘the fix is in’, ‘the most irrelevant election in U.S. history’ “comfortably numb’ or any other combination of words that reflects the status quo and how little the average American pays any attention to the people who will dictate their future over the latest version of whatever reality show happens to catch their fancy.  In any sense, it is surreal that someone with the record of Mitt Romney can get away with the outright lies he is pedaling can garner such large numbers over an individual like Ron Paul, who has CONSISTENTLY GIVEN THE SAME MESSAGE FOR THE PAST 30 YEARS. 

Mitt Romney is no friend to the conservative, traditionalist and any lover of the constitution.  I covered his record on many relevant issues in a previous post, and I only scratched the surface concerning the amount of information in the public domain, that demonstrates how much of a charlatan this man is.  I even tried to make it easier on the more skeptical by giving a series of links without those having to make much effort in doing their own research.  Yet Romney’s numbers continue to rise, and more and more ‘Christians’ are getting behind this candidacy.  Why?

I am left to wonder if the average American understands the times we live in.  We are having major debt and economic issues, we have a rogue government taking away rights at lightening pace, and shredding the constitution at every turn over the lamest excuses ever dreamed up.  Yet those in office, and seeking office (with the exception of Ron Paul) continue to push on with more blatant violations of rights given by God, and do it essentially in the name of God and mock God and our way of life in the process.  Why is it the majority cannot see this?  Why is it the majority is not up in arms about this?

Too many don’t want to be bothered, evidently and want to continue on in their self deluded Pollyanna existence, and have little to no idea what is in store for them in the next 12 months.   Too many are intellectually lazy, and want the lame stream media to do the work for them.  Too many can no longer distinguish between truth and lie, and are so easily deceived that there is no longer much of a challenge by the powers that be to impose their will upon the dumbed down masses.  These people, including Romney, want nothing short of total control over everyone in this country.  And they are damned close to actualizing this goal.

I recently had a conversation in which several willfully uninformed individuals were giving the typical “Republican/conservative’ lines fed to them by the handlers of the establishment, and these individuals (who claim will vote conservative) basically gave a free pass to Romney and Gingrich, and did not want to hear about the dismal records of both of these globalists.  Their response to my research and investigations were to dismiss it as ‘conspiracy theory’.  There seems to no longer exist in the mind of the average American an ability to critically think and apply any logical system of thought pertaining to established patterns of behavior. 
It seems these folks are drinking the kool-aid, and really believe liars and thieves will become truth tellers and fiscally conservative through a magical process simply by stating their intention to do so.  There is no long term memory of events and patterns of deceptive behaviors of what these men have done in the past, but only current string of words and catch phrases that attract the attention of these voters for periods of time no longer than 48 hours.  This is the timeframe given lately when many were asked when they decided.  Many are jumping on the bandwagon simply because they want to brag about how they ‘backed’ the winner.  All very lame and shameful excuses to circumvent individual responsibility.

There needs to be a seismic shift in how we do business in this country, and a vote for anyone other than Ron Paul is status quo and business as usual.  It truly is time for the average American to do his homework and stand up for what is right, just and moral, and not settle for the ‘lesser of the two evils’.  We deserve better than that, and can do better than that. 

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