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Monday, January 9, 2012


George Offerman

As everyone is now very aware of, Tim Tebow did it again and laid
waste to so many of his critics by beating a premier team with his
supposed ‘mediocre skills’ and this improbable starter is moving on in
the playoffs.  Tebow is creating a stir in the sports world, as well
as general society, and the battle lines could not be clearer.  Due to
his own life story, Tim Tebow is the embodiment of life and is a great
source of embarrassment and consternation amongst the pro death
factions, and they are doing everything in their power to bring this
young man down.

On December 13, 2011, Sophia Brugato, a blogger for ‘the abortion
gang’ called on her fellow supporters of legalized child killing to
‘donate $5 or $10 to your local pro choice organization’ every time
Tim Tebow scored a touchdown.  So, Brugato has a desire to advocate
the death of an individual, when another does something and then
offers thanks to the Living God in response to actualizing gifts given
by God.  It is interesting that Brugato ‘watches’ or ‘listens’ to the
games in order to know when touchdowns occur, in order to know when to
activate her anti God and pro Satan agenda.

Since Brugato is so into the visuals and wants people to ‘see’ this
‘saintliest saint’ go down, it is high time Brugato ‘sees’ the fruits
of her own labor, and takes a look, first hand at the bloody and torn
up corpses of the ‘choices’ she so strongly advocates.  After all,
Sophia, if you are so proud of your beliefs and your organization, you
ought to be able to look at the fruits of your labor; given it is
‘only a choice’.  It is high time these pro deathers get to look at
their handiwork and ‘defend’ the ‘right’ to pay for and participate in
the wanton destruction of life.

It is people like Brugato that cry and complain the most vehemently,
when confronted with the grisly images of legalized child killing.
They cry how ‘foul’ the pro life side is when forced to look at the
handiwork of their ‘creation’.  They want to cry about how young
children are ‘traumatized’ by such images when exposed to them, and
how ‘disturbing’ they are when people are trying to go about their day
to day lives and see a ‘face the truth tour’.  These people want to
sanitize the reality of what they advocate, because they know in their
twisted and sick hearts, this is truly evil and goes against anything
in nature.  They know this intuitively, yet go against what is right,
just and moral.

We have an opportunity to make people like Sophia Brugato, and
organizations like ‘the abortion gang’ look at unaltered and true
images of their handiwork.  We have the opportunity to finally take
this fight to the gates of hell, and to the apprentice demon
worshippers that fund this Godless criminal enterprise.  Let them look
‘dead’ on to these images and tell the rest of the world this is ‘only
a choice’.  Let them be on the defensive for one of the few times
since 1973.  Let us, as the army of the Living God, show these people
the war they have waged upon the most innocent in our society.

WE have this ability, through the candidacy of Randall Terry.  Because
of the federal campaign laws, ads running within the window of time in
campaign/caucus/primary states cannot be altered or denied based on
any content within them.  Therefore, the ads need to run as created
and cannot be altered or edited in any way, shape or form.  This is
what the pro life side has always advocated, and has always complained
about concerning the MSM.  This opportunity is unprecedented in the
national arena, but it is very time limited, so those out there who
are serious about effecting change and stamping out legalized child
killing once and for all, MUST ACT on this opportunity.

So, this is the challenge I am presenting to all of the pro life
groups and leadership: fund these ads and put a stop to organizations
such as ‘the abortion gang’ and individuals such as Sophie Brugato who
promote direct killing by taking a person willing to promote the
Gospel and ‘demonizing’ him for their benefit.  We must make these
killers and promoters of killers look at their handiwork directly, and
require them to openly explain their behavior.  We need to do this
now, and do it with great conviction.

I have donated to this cause, and will continue to do so.  To donate, go to:


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