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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


George Offerman

Many in the pro life movement may see this posting as cynical, but this past march was another ‘ho hummer’ and seems to be another wasted effort concerning the need to get legalized child killing front and center in the political scene.  This is not to disparage in any way Nellie Grey’s efforts at putting this annual event together, but using her own words from a few years ago, even Ms. Grey is surprised these marches continue and this holocaust should have been ended decades ago.

It was the same old tired speeches from the same old tired speech givers, and more lies from the liars that call themselves politicians.  And the largest culprit of them all, the church give lip service to ending this holocaust, while simultaneously praising and making nice with the baby killers.  There was nothing of substance said from stage 2 days ago, and by the carnival atmosphere exhibited, one would have made the grave mistake in thinking they were at a party instead of marking an anniversary that has brought about more death than all the wars combined in this nation’s history.  One would have thought it would be more somber, and there would be an air of anger and resolve to end this scourge of the nation.

There are many who continue to promote incrementalism and believe it is the way to go.  These same folks do not seem to have a great deal of urgency about getting this holocaust ended, nor do they evoke much belief in the Living God’s ability to send a prophetic people as witness to the fallen world and have forgiveness and total healing in one fell swoop.  We are entering the 40th year of this holocaust, and even Fr. Pavone has admitted in his latest blog entry, that 40 years has Biblical significance and that our efforts should reflect this.  But no one came forth with any concrete ways and plans for making this happen.  Just more of the same empty rhetoric and promises from politicians that will be broken at the first sight of resistance from the enemy.

It was good to see Fr. Pavone at the march, and he and I had a chance to speak for a few moments.  I will not divulge any of the conversation other than I told him of my support for him and a hope that his situation is resolved soon and completely.  I also had an opportunity to meet up with Rabbi Levin and spoke to him at length about an issue I will cover in greater detail in another post.  Overall though, for those who want to see an end to this holocaust, the speeches and the march itself left a lot to be desired, and did not move us any closer to ending this holocaust.

The vast majority of the people we attempted to address in recruiting for sidewalk counseling, letter writing, or really any activity that would force this issue front and center was met with significant resistance.  Asking many of these people for more time outside of this one day is like asking a fish to live outside of water.  On top of that, a good majority of the people at the march were adamantly against supporting Randal terry’s campaign and the showing of graphic ads during the super bowl.  It never ceases to amaze me that such a large gathering of supposed pro-lifers gets together for the supposed reason of ‘ending abortion’ yet is so resistant to participating in any activity that takes the battle to the enemy.

This, unfortunately, includes those who consider themselves leaders, and many of the clergy.  We were given more of a cold shoulder from the leadership and clergy than anyone, and the supposed pro-life press has given minimal to no coverage of this effort.  However, no other group is proffering any action that is garnering the attention in the MSM as these commercials are, and the prolife movement in general is distancing themselves as far as possible, while simultaneously pushing to their donor base that they are doing ‘great things’. 

I recollect a correspondence recently with a very well-known pro-life leader who made the claim that running unedited graphic commercials is as ‘noble, good and effective’ as other actions.  I am finding this statement, and thus, this individual at best, disingenuous, and at worst, a charlatan.  Either way, it is harming the message, and actually impeding any resolution and ending of legalized child killing in the near future.  It is really too bad that too many came to this march in a ‘festive’ mood, and see this as their main effort for the year.  Hence, there will be little to no change in the laws because the majority of those in the pro-life movement that consider themselves ‘activists’ already put in their efforts for 2012.  God help us all. 

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