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Friday, January 13, 2012


George Offerman

I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but with only 28% of the voted
counted, Mitt Romney was the declared winner of the New Hampshire
primary, and was thus coronated as the front runner, and man to beat
as the Republican nominee.  This was after just a mere 36 hours
previously, when Dr. Ron Paul was leading the race by a few percentage
points, and was running a strong second initially.   It seems the
establishment has ‘found’ their man, and Mitt Romney’s popularity
began to surge in places like South Carolina and Florida after
wrapping up the New Hampshire primary.

It is interesting how many are jumping on the Romney bandwagon without
actually trying to understand what this man is about, and what he
stands for.  For those who want ‘change’ from the ‘change’ we had four
years ago, one ought to begin digging through the very prolific amount
of information and voting records Mr. Romney has.  If the average
American is into ‘more of the same’, Mitt Romney is their man.
However, if the average American looks at the severity of the times,
and gets the urgency needed in changing directions, a vote for Mitt
Romney would border on the treasonous.

Mr. Romney, as all of the Republican hopefuls minus Ron Paul, has been
dead silent on the most recent violations of liberties recently taken
away by the NDAA.  How can anyone who knows and understands what this
horrible law will impose on American’s freedoms claim with any
seriousness that they are conservative, and represent conservative
values?  But that’s exactly what Mr. Romney and his ilk are doing.  No
condemnation of Obama and the government in passing legislation that
will allow for the indefinite detention, torture and possible
execution of an American citizen without being charged and being
denied due process of the law.

Mr. Romney has been silent on the SOPA legislation making it’s way
through Congress with a pledge by Obama to sign the bill into law when
it arrives at his desk.  This legislation allows for the government to
abridge rights of speech and of free flowing information in the name
of ‘piracy’ and effectively hands the government the kill switch to
the internet.  Violation of free speech and dissemination of
information is not a conservative value, and as such, should not be an
acceptable position to those claiming to be conservatives.

Mr. Romney has been tied into international front organizations that
have been proven and documented to be actively working against the
interests of the United States.  Mr. Romney is an active member of the
Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and has a profile on their website:


Mr. Romney has also was linked to other international bodies such as
the Trilateral Commission (the Rockefeller creation) and the
Bilderberger’s group.  See web link below:


 these organizations attempt to set agendas by the elites, and
generally speaking, the last several presidents of this country have
been associated with one or more of these organizations.  Mr. Romney
is no exception and appears willing to follow marching orders if given
the chance to ascend to the presidency.  Undermining the sovereignty
of the United States is not a conservative value.

Obama styled his now famous hell care law after Romney care, as it was
known in Massachusetts.  Mr. Romney wants to defend his actions and
passing of this law as following ‘conservative values’.  When has
mandating any individual to purchase any good or service from another
individual a conservative value, or seen as promoting personal liberty
and freedom?  The whole aspect of ‘telling’ someone how they must run
their lives reeks of paternalism, and embodies the idea that elites
must be present in order to keep the sheeple form ‘harming themselves’
as they are too stupid to care for their own needs.  This is not a
conservative value, nor is it Christian.

Mr. Romney also seems to want to distort the real record of his
actions, and appears to be doing everything in his power to deflect
and distract any critic, or any conservative who would dare question
his actions.  Deflecting, distracting, or outright lying are not
conservative values, and really embody what Obama does.  WE don’t want
Obama back into the oval office, whether named Obama or Romney.  See
web links below:

Mitt Romney on health care:


Romney’s own site and his words:http://aboutmittromney.com/healthcare-massachusetts.htm

Mr. Romney has flip flopped on the pro-life issue for most of his career.  Unfortunately, it has been more in the anti-life realm and it was only after his supposed ‘conversion’ has Mr.  Romney alluded to a pro-life stance.  However, Romney care provided tax payer funded abortion.  And after Mr. Romney has openly stated healthcare reform is a ‘conservative value’ it is unimaginable Mr. Romney would now go back against his initial stance of denying ‘healthcare services’ to the most destitute in society, and this would include ‘reproductive rights’.  See the following web links on Mr. Romney’s position on the prolife issue:


Romney’s site and voting record pertaining to abortionhttp://aboutmittromney.com/abortion.htm

We are in a fight for our lives concerning the future of this nation.  The last thing we need as a country is for another Obama in office.  If Mitt Romney becomes the Republican nominee, we are assured of an Obama in office, no matter which of the two main parties wins.  We need to be extra vigilant, and be ever so aware how this election in 2012 is pivotal.  We need to be especially aware that the money powers are exerting their influence, and making sure they get their ‘man’ in office.  It is critical we keep our eyes on the prize of freedom and liberty, and not sell out to those who are willing to pass laws that take these precious freedoms and liberties from us, no matter what the excuses may be.  Vote third party, or back Ron Paul, who is the only Republican who seems to understand the times we live in.  

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  1. Agreed George, I can't vote because I'm not in the USA but Ron Paul in my opinion is the only true Pro Life anti Abortion candidate. It's odd that the supposedly pro life heavy weights seem to be supporting Romney and it makes me question myself again and again are these people veritably pro life. If you totally support Prolife surely it would be better not to vote than to support someone who does not have a crystal clear view on abortion and a crystal clear view on pro life. How can these people rest with themselves when taking the wishy washy contender and ignoring the contender with the clear message. I suppose that the Pro-life community has been infiltrated by many Cafeteria pro lifers.