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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


George Offerman

The sinister side, wanting to create a new world order, aka, Babylon, continues to march on, and the majority continues to be oblivious to the ‘doings’ of the dark powers. We now have this Kenyan who currently is occupying the White House signing away our sovereignty to the INTERPOL, by executive order on December 16, 2009. For those who don’t know, INTERPOL stands for the International Criminal Police Force.


Executive order 12425, in effect, gives full immunity and carte blanche access to all Americans, their personal property, movements and communications without any possible redress of constitutional rights. A citizen can be charged and extradited for crimes that ‘violate’ international law, appear in front of the international criminal court, sentenced and jailed possibly outside of the U.S. without any way to stop this process.

Executive Order #12425 allows INTERPOL the absolute authority to investigate, charge, and imprison, and extradite Americans—without having to adhere to the same constitutional laws that American law enforcement agencies are required to abide by. Additionally, the International Criminal Police Organization is authorized to conduct covert surveillance and investigations on American soil—with full immunities from US law. Laws such as the Freedom of Information Act, Congressional oversight, Constitutional protections, and without oversight from the FBI who is charged with the responsibility of internal national Security.

It also allows INTERPOL, wherever and by whomever to be immune from search, confiscation, and INTERPOL isn’t required to show proof or any other documentation concerning its investigations.
It also means that INTERPOL can conduct covert operations against Americans without any accountability to anyone.

Now, why did Barry find this to be necessary, and what does he have in mind by signing this executive order? Or maybe the better question is, who is telling Barry to do this, and what do they have in mind? For those who want to debunk the idea of conspiracies, explain this one.

This move should not come as a surprise to anyone even remotely ‘awake’ to the current situation, and fits in very well with biblical principles, especially that of sowing and reaping. We as a country have been denying the most basic of human rights to the most vulnerable, and unjustly slaughtering them for convenience sake. Now we have a force that has virtually stripped us of our basic human rights and very well may find ourselves imprisoned or slaughtered for doing nothing other than protesting or other ‘wrongs’ as determined by the god/state. A very ironic, but predictable situation.

Now, what are we going to do about it? Watch more ‘survivor’? Sports? Go on vacation? Drink or drug? Go on a spending binge? Or maybe we could actually band together and physically (not virtually) march down to what used to be our Capitol, and let them see real eyeballs and have to deal with real people.

These times are getting to be very dangerous. The time to sleep is over, and the time to act is now. The powers that be no longer hide in the shadows, as they realize few are paying attention, and even fewer are willing to do much about it. What is it going to take to get the majority riled up? Do the gulags and concentration camps really have to open before the sheeple ‘get it’? We as Christians ought to be in the lead in dealing with this. Instead, wimpism is premier, and we advocate tiddlywinks tournaments instead of developing the fierce warriors needed for this time. Shame on us. And God have mercy on us.


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