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Thursday, December 3, 2009



George Offerman

It seems there are times when messages are sent to bring about clarity in direction, and this seemed to have occurred to me in the past few days. I have been having strong internal stirrings to continue working on previous posts pertaining to prophesy, and preparation for these times. Lately, there has been many distractions that have kept me from this task, and the conviction to get back to this came up very strongly last night and early this morning. The failure of my computer earlier today seemed to confirm this, as it was another roadblock to getting back to this.

Even though I started this site to discuss pro life issues mainly surrounding the preborn, there is also an obligation to focus on life activities concerning the post born, and to not sit back and do nothing, when much needs to be done. I have a goal to finish the postings concerning Revelation, but it will take some weeks to get through the very basics of this topic. Some have been disturbed by what I have written so far, but it is not my job to be concerned about that, because one has to make a personal decision about how they want to deal with such information, and my task is to get the information out and allow others to see it and do what they may with it.

So, in the meantime, I’m going to give some basic suggestions about how to prepare for the upcoming rough times, and if it turns out nothing happens, preparations will still be in place. The first and foremost preparation is spiritual. Read the Bible and pray every day for guidance strength and insight. Do an intensive prayer and fast if possible. Reach out to others in a kind and gentle fashion, or treat them as you would like to be treated. Cultivate and strengthen relationships and work on finding others who you can rely on if the going gets tough.

Water can be obtained in 5 gallon heavy duty plastic containers from Home Depot and Lowe’s fairly cheaply. These will last for years, unlike the grocery store water that will leak after a few months. If this is not affordable, purchase a brand new 30 gal plastic garbage can with lid that can be filled by a garden hose if needed and stored in the house. Some people have purchased water filters and can purify almost any water, but they are expensive and may take months to get a hold of. Have some bleach that can be used to sterilize water, but be careful about the amount used. There are also natural water filters that can be made on the cheap, but one may have to research this on line.

Next is obtaining basic food supplies. A 50 lb bag of rice can be purchased for about $15, as well as large bags of flour and beans. Potatoes and carrots can keep for months in a somewhat cool, dark place. Dried foods, especially pasta will also maintain, and have good nutrition. Spices can also help, and will alleviate some of the bland ness of this diet. Good airtight and rodent resistant containers will need to be used to hold the food, and can be purchased at home restoration places.

Make sure there is adequate clothing, especially for cold weather. Having an emergency kit in a back pack is highly recommended, and in this kit should be a basic first aid kit, matches, protein bars for 3-4 people for a day, and 2 bottles of water, flashlight and portable radio with good batteries. Cash will also be of great value, as any panic would guarantee a run on banks and ATM machines, and it will be the only thing accepted initially.

In all of this, help those in need. The point of preparation is not to hoard, but to help and instruct those who will have a need. It will definitely come back as a blessing, and the same people you helped may be your own salvation down the road. Whatever is in store for the future will involve all of us, and we will be in this together.

I am encouraging all the readers of this post to go out this weekend and buy these items, and prepare. If and when things begin to happen, there will be no opportunity to get the necessary items, and real panic will set in. as I have told many of my clients over the past several years, the best way to deal with anxiety and fear is to take action against what one is afraid of or anxious about. Take action now.

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