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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


George Offerman

Randall Terry and his family continue on their whirlwind tour of the Midwest and attempting to get people out to their respective senators, and show that the majority of Americans oppose the current health care bill. It seems that with the media coverage Randall and company are getting, it would be a worthwhile project to donate to if one has any disposable change lying around. Randall and the Washington warriors have been going non stop over the past several months trying to kill this bill, and exposing the fact that it will ultimately fund legalized child killing.

The Catholic Church has also stepped up its rhetoric, and I for one am glad they are finally doing something about this situation. There are three good examples of this in the past few weeks, and the prelates should be acknowledged for their efforts, despite the fact they seemed to enter the game in the late innings.

Archbishop Donald Wuerl in Washington, D.C informed the City council that if they pass the homosexual marriage recognition legislation, and give the couples all the rights of heterosexual marriages, that he would rather shout down all of the Catholic Social services and allow the City to take them over rather than compromise the church teachings. It is good to see Archbishop Wuerl do this, after basically doing nothing concerning pro aborts receiving communion in his ecclesial jurisdiction.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan, of New York took a very strong stance against a tirade that Maureen Dowd gave recently, and states the New York Times editors had been playing off of fears of the people, and participating in mud slinging that would not be tolerated if aimed at Jewish or Islam clerics or religion. Arch bishop Dolan, called the New York Times out on their inconsistent behaviors and rightfully wants some acknowledgement of irresponsible behavior on their part.

However, it is Bishop Thomas Tobin from Rhode Island that wins the warrior award, by calling out Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D), son of the late Teddy Kennedy. In their very public dispute (propagated by rep. Kennedy) Bishop Tobin made it abundantly clear that Rep. Kennedy is outside of the magisterial teachings of the church, and that Rep. Kennedy has absolutely no authority to determine which Church teachings he will follow and which he will disregard. Bishop Tobin also made it clear to Rep. Kennedy that he should not be presenting himself for Holy Communion until he goes to confession and renounces his current public stance on abortion and other matters that are in rebellion to the Churches teachings. It is refreshing and good to see the Church hold up the integrity of Holy Communion, and finally call out those who want to be ‘Lukewarm” in the faith.

We are seeing some resistance and fighting back by those who have remained silent for too long. The position we are in as a society and nation depend on the rule of law, and this starts by acknowledging the supreme ruler of the universe, and His sole authority on determining what is right and wrong. Things continue to heat up, and soon it will require everyone to make choices that will become more uncomfortable, but ultimately more freeing.

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