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Friday, December 4, 2009


George Offerman

We in America are used to what can be called “Magical thinking”. Magical thinking incorporates the process in which we can do whatever we want, and somehow ‘things will work out’ regardless of what the consequences ought to be. Unfortunately for the past 30 + years, this has seemed to be the case, and this thought process seems to be cemented into the American psyche. Many of the pundits are already calling an end to the economic crisis, and stating things are getting better, maybe with a little more hardship. These people must be smoking some real good dope.

In reality, things just don’t work out on their own. Things work out only because a great deal of effort is put into resolving a problem, and there is a viable plan in place that allows for this. This is the resistance point in mental health treatment, most believe they have a right to good mental health and see it as a weakness when needing assistance from others. Many believe they should have to put no effort in, and often get angry and resentful when we use the dirtiest of four letter words on them: “work”. It is a mystery to me that many believe it is a right, and should be automatic, regardless of the poor decisions and behaviors they have made.

It is no different at the national level. Our country has made poor decisions for quite a while, and no one wants to take any responsibility for the mess we are in. This is very indicative to the outcome and portends to some very rough times in the very near future.
Now, let us consider what some of these forces are and walk through them to see what will happen.

Financially, as a nation, we have lived above our means since the late 60’s. We have paid for this through the sale of treasury bonds, that at one time, were seen as the safest investment vehicles in the world. Today, we are printing them at will, and the last sale was a total failure with central banks being the only customers. This is at a time when we need the money the most, and it is coinciding with the fact that trust in our government is at its lowest point as far as other countries are concerned. Is this alright?

We just defaulted on gold to China, about the worst possible scenario imaginable, and life just goes on. Gold hit an all time high, and Drudge didn’t even cover this. We know through Ted Butler, that China is the big short on the CRIMEX, and they have already publicly stated they plan on defaulting on their silver obligation. I think they should get bricks of coal, and spray paint them silver, and have them delivered to the CRIMEX, and inform them this is PAYMENT IN FULL. Is it moral to steal others’ property? Will God bless this behavior? Is this alright?

We consume more than we produce. We are encouraged to be conspicuous consumers, and have become very used to doing very little in maintaining a fairly comfortable life. Very few people know how to be self sufficient, and don’t even know the basics concerning survival. We have become a nation obsessed with comfort and ease, and have the mentality that if there are any challenges or problems in life, it must be ‘someone else’s fault’ and want to sue someone. We are obsessed with entertainment and sports and God forbid if we ever become bored. We are the most medicated society and substance abuse is at epidemic proportions, in all social strata, with no end in sight. Is this alright?

So, we have become a nation run by thugs, thieves, liars, cowards and cheaters, and we believe things are going to work out? We as citizens have allowed this to happen, and in the process have become lethargic, numbed, dumbed down, distracted, overweight and ‘self reliant’ and expect to get rewarded for this behavior. Our nation has grown away from God, similar to the church of Laodicea, yet we will say “Why did God do this to us”? when things go wrong.

No, things are not alright. If we were married to someone who espoused even half of what is listed, divorce would be immediate, and a court may end up throwing the perpetrator in jail. Yet, this is the American life and way for the past 40 years, and very little is questioned, challenged or even thought about. One thing is for sure: if there are space rocks with our names on them (and there are, but nothing to do with the Mayans) we have earned them and deserve every bit of misery they will deliver. God has made it clear: I WILL NOT be mocked: whatsoever a man sows, shall he reap. We have sown seeds of lying, cheating, stealing and murder, and will end up with a heaping helping of all of the above.

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