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Monday, December 21, 2009


George Offerman

Isn’t it wonderful or ironic that our government will be delivering to us in the season celebrating the birth of our savior, one of the most despicable pieces of legislation in the history of our country. Sure, everyone can look at Sen. Ben Nelson, and accuse him of being a sell out to the pro life movement and his own supposed ‘pro life’ stance. We can also look at many of the Senators and declare them rightfully so as sellouts to the cause. As we look at this debacle, and begin to live it, there will be plenty of blame to go around.

Who is it that will ultimately be held accountable for this anti God, anti children, anti life and anti good quality health care? Well, there is plenty to go around, and it ought to be a sobering moment for us to contemplate this. What an insult to God, that our government is choosing the Christmas season to pass this, and they have made it clear from Obama on down, to get this done before the ‘Holiday recess”. Demonic, in deed.

One needs to go no further than our elected officials to see the end results. These men and women have been elected to represent our interests, and to a certain extent, they have done this. The issue has always been that most of these elected officials vote for a bill that riles the base, but come the next election, it is long forgotten, and they end up back in office. Hence, these officials have very little to fear by going along with a very vocal minority that happens to be extremely liberal, and may I say, demonically lead. These officials make a mockery of the faith they claim to follow, and want to ‘separate’ their claimed faith from reality, such as Sen. Casey in Pennsylvania, Sen. Lindsay Graham in South Carolina, The Kennedy clan, Kerry, etc. There is little fear of repercussions for these elected officials, and they continue to propagate relativistic and liberal agendas.

The electorate also carries a great deal of the weight as well. Most elections consist of maybe 50% bothering to even vote, and the majority coming into vote, have not put much effort into learning about the candidates (I have volunteered to canvas, and work the polls for the past several elections) and it is dismaying that little preparation goes into this process. There is more attention paid to “Survivor” than to those elected officials who have the ability and desire to change and regulate our lives. Many go into vote very robot like, and pull the lever for the name they recognize. It seems we as a nation, are in the grips of mass attention deficit disorder, due to the fact most seem to have no memory of the garbage that is called law that is legislated by this government, and the electorate does not hold the politicians accountable for it.

As bad as this is, the larger blame lies with the mainstream, so called ‘conservative groups’ such as most of the pro life groups. The mainstream pro life groups want to feed other pro lifers pabulum, and encourage such things as ‘virtual’ protests, constant education programs, giving speeches in churches where there are no challenges, endless committees that do little but cosmetic efforts. When protests of substance occur, which challenge the status quo. and make national and international news; they are the first to condemn this with harsher language than is used on the true enemy. Mainly though, the pro life groups ignore the efforts of these individuals, while the enemy and ‘godless’ mainstream press cover them. The mainstream pro life movement wants to get along with the enemy, and try to persuade them to change. They were unable to recognize the points of the fight, including the candidacy and election of Obama, Obama’s invitation to receive and honorary degree and speak at Notre Dame, and the Sotomayor hearings and subsequent elevation to the Supreme Court. Now they act surprised at the proposed health care reform paying for child killing, and did not see this coming. Fighting this war is brutal, and most are not up to the challenge, but what is worse, is they don’t’ know how to support those that are willing to ‘take the bullets’ and get the job done.

However, the group or entity that ultimately will be held accountable is the Church. I am speaking of the whole Christian Church in general and the Catholic Church in particular. Leadership has been abysmal in most cases, and conspiratorial in some. The Bishops did little concerning the candidacy and election of Obama despite the fact he is the most pro death candidate ever, and some actually praised him for his ‘accomplishments’. 2 prelates found it more important to look good at Sen. Kennedy’s funeral, rather than stand up and use this opportunity to teach and take a stand for life. Bishop Loverde of Arlington, Virginia, and Arch Bishop Wuerl of Washington D.C. have the opportunity to with hold communion from the child killing Senators, but refuse to follow the clear mandates of Cannon 915. Will they do it? The Bishop’s silence (with a few exceptions) has been interpreted by politician and lay person alike as implicit permission to determine for themselves what teachings to follow and what to let go of. Why bother to teach at all if all have the right to determine right from wrong on their own, or based on their feelings? Dereliction of duty.

There is no excuse for the legislation that is ready to pass and most likely oppress us for the rest of our lives. We have no one else to blame but ourselves for this, and we are ready to embark on a journey that will take us farther than we wanted and to places we don’t want to go. The longer we let this go, the bloodier the outcome, but be sure: we will pay the bill, and it is very large.

Support those out there who are challenging the status quo, the church and the elected officials. If you want to know who I’m talking about, just follow who the ‘godless’ media is focusing on, and it will be apparent Insurrecta nex.

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