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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


George Offerman

It appears hell care reform is a done deal in the Senate, and soon these arrogant pompous lawmakers will be congratulating themselves on the destruction of what was the best health care system in the world. The fact that these senators did not listen to their constituency at all is telling in the sense, they had a much larger agenda than what they wanted to reveal. Once the government takes over, you can forget about quality, and know there will be limited quantity.

This is always a problem with human nature, when something for nothing is promised; it is very difficult to fight whatever it is that is promised. What is difficult to understand though, is there is too much evidence that the government lies to the people and does not really follow through with what they say. I am aware of all the tea parties and such, but the problem is, once November roles around, the majority will proceed robot like to the polls and re elect these bozos. There really is little fear these people have, and this has been proven time and time again.

Hell care is the epitome of violation of private property rights. Our bodies are the ultimate private property, and we have now given them over to an entity that only is concerned about how much we pay in taxes, and that we continue to produce for them. You can bet your life there is an army of actuaries that will be working on longevity tables, cost benefit analysis and any other means and schemes in taking care of the ‘cattle’.

Obama has not consulted with physicians or other health care professions in this push for reform. Now, how telling is that? Most of us in health care understand that the patient needs to have a stake in his treatment, and when this is taken away, the blame is thrust on the provider when things don’t work out. Congress has been meddling with the delivery system through contradictory laws that make it difficult enough now to adequately treat patients. Now, it will be getting close to impossible to do our jobs without violating some law somewhere. This, in effect, will drive out the best and brightest, as they will not chance breaking a law, even if it means delivering services that are vital, and go along with the oath to deliver the best services. Ask any provider about the HIPPA regulations, and they will roll their eyes.

Providers of good conscious will be mandated to perform abortions when they don’t want to, and to also not treat when treatment will save a life, but not necessarily be cost effective for the now god/state. I know several providers, who give great care that are looking for other ways of making a living, and I myself and looking at alternatives. I. like many others, got into the health care profession due to wanting to help people. I will not allow the ignorant and arrogant ‘masters’ dictate how I deliver services, when I know better than they do. So, I like many of my colleagues, will have to make a decision about how we will practice in the future, or to not practice at all, and possibly end up selling light bulbs at a home improvement store.
Our lives now will have a fixed dollar amount placed on them. Cost benefit will be the way in which all decisions will be made, versus needs of the patient. I have been telling people for a long time, that if government takes over health care, they will begin rationing care. A perfect example would be a woman finding out she has a Down’s syndrome baby with some complications while carrying this baby. The government may not ‘mandate’ abortion in this case, but they most likely will say to this family “we cannot tell you to abort, but we will not pay for the care your child will need”. The value of human life now has a price on it, and it will be the god/state determining who lives and who dies, and what quality of life the cattle will have.

We need to be worried about this. We now have a bunch of uneducated morons making decisions that are the most personal in nature and the intellectual genius, Harry Reid decided to compare this to slavery and other issues. Had he been more accurate in his description, he would have used ‘state sponsored terrorism’ to describe this. Is the state not promoting terror, when it denies treatment for medical matters that may save a life? You can’t tell me people are not feeling outright terror when being denied something that is life saving and could be given. Providers may feel ‘terror’ if they violate the mandates of the god/state in doing what is morally right, but breaking a godless law.

Say hell no to hell care and rationing

Speaking of rationing, more evidence of the gold shortage.


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