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Monday, December 7, 2009


George Offerman

I had someone point out what appears to be a contradiction in my posting about December 21, 2012, in which I stated it will bring a good night’s sleep and it will be all hype, but then state later to have food, water and other provisions. I am not contradicting myself at all, because I see the need to prepare and that particular date as separate events. I am thinking there are more imminent problems that may need preparation as soon as possible. Regardless of what state the world is in come 2012, December 21 will be another day, and that’s about it.

Things continue to unravel and move at an ever quickening pace. The way I see it, 2012 is eons away from now, and wonder if we as a society and world can make it to that date living life as we now do. The Bible tells us we can know the season, but not the day. Preparation when seeing a storm coming is always prudent, and there are definitely storms coming, if not already here. There are differences between sowing and reaping, which is more predictable, versus cosmological events, such as the beginnings of Revelation and the second coming, in which Jesus has personally informed us that are not to be predicted in matters such as setting a date or events (such as the State of Israel coming into existence).

To look at an event such as December 21, 2012, and put faith into it is in essence calling Jesus a liar. We are told 2 things about the end that could not be clearer: 1) man will be caught off guard, and 2) Jesus stated he himself does not know the time of his coming. Obviously setting a date in the future contradicts what Jesus himself revealed, and neither Jesus nor God the Father would reward a system like the Mayans by granting such an event to happen. Most, if not nearly all of the world’s population will be paying close attention to this day, and as such, disqualify this event as having Biblical significance. I would sure consider some times after this, as was true after 2000, people felt let down initially, then went back to their normal routines right afterwards. The time for a surprise event would be more like December 22, 2012, but I want to note very clearly, I am not making a prediction, but only using that date as an example.

There is too much speculative prophesy out there, and most likely by 2012, there will be somewhat of an ‘end of the world’ fatigue, provided nothing happens prior to then. But there are plenty of man made issues that will need resolution, and this is where most people should be paying attention. The need to be prepared especially now has an urgent tone to it, and unfortunately, not enough people are taking this seriously. Minimally, we have a major financial crisis that cannot be resolved until the out of control money printing and spending ceases. Coupled with this is the shortage of precious metals, import and export problems and personal debts.

From there, we have societal issues, with epidemic substance abuse on the rise, a major breakdown in long held social mores and civility along with the mainstreaming of cheating and stealing. These things will all bear fruit and will be bad enough to deal with if well prepared. It could potentially be lethal for the unprepared. One doesn’t need any particular skills to understand very basic Biblical principles like sowing and reaping, to know bad things are right around the corner. What one does about this information is where the true walk of faith comes into play. The warning signs are everywhere, are people listening?

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