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Friday, December 18, 2009


George Offerman

This topic is too important to cover it so briefly, and it is also the most misunderstood topic of all of Revelation. There is so much information out in the public sphere about the mark, that one’s head can spin from reading a small amount of it. However, the mark is so important, that it transcends Christianity, and nearly everyone in the world is aware of it, and are leery of the futile attempts by the money powers to instill some sort of system in which to control the ‘cattle’.

In a way, it is very humorous to give the incompetent, inbred idiots known as the money powers so much credit that they can actually instill a system of markings that would condemn one to eternal death. The mark is a cosmic event, and as such, requires the presence of a supernatural being, such as the devil, to enforce it. Too many people are aware of this, and the money powers, being of human origin, could not enforce this if even one percent of the population resisted this. If we end up getting chipped, most likely it will end up being covertly done, by vaccines, chips embedded in products, clothing, cars, cell phones, etc.

This is not to say that one should take this information and become indifferent about it. We are to resist this, because it is morally wrong to hand over our free will to other men, and not trust in God. Those that can justify doing this, will have a much more weakened position when the real mark appears, and the mark represents instant judgment that is irrevocable. Of course Satan is going to trivialize this, because no one would take it if they knew the true consequences. Unfortunately, this supernatural being will act ‘lamb like’ until he gets what he wants. Once he has an army of people with his mark, and knows God will not, and really, cannot intervene any more, Satan will become out of control and kill even those with the mark if and when they no longer serve his needs.

Two famous stories in scripture make the points. This first is Eve taking the apple after being tempted by the serpent. Gen 3:1-4:1 covers the story, and for brevity, I will paraphrase. God instructed Adam and Eve to FREELY eat of all the fruit except from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The serpent tempted Eve, by glorifying the knowledge of being like a god, being able to determine right from wrong for themselves, and placing doubts about what God actually said. Eve reflects this in leaving out the word “freely” when discussing what God actually said. The serpent assured Eve “surely, you will not die” Eve believed him over God. This first poison is: Doubt about God and his Word.

The second story is Jacob stealing Esau’s birthright by essentially bribing him with Stew. Gen 25:24-34. Esau basically was so focused on the current situation, that he offered his future to satisfy a basic need in the moment. Many commentators focus rightfully so on Jacob’s trickery, but not much is said pertaining to Esau’s blatant disregard for what is rightfully his. A moment of weakness virtually changed not only his destiny, but that of the following generations of Esau’s line. The eternal, or the permanence was not considered, but current circumstances ruled. The second poison: present circumstances dictating decisions without considering eternal ramifications.

Both of these stories reflect the state of man during the time of the mark. Like Eve, there will be seduction of a better life, and doubts will be sown about the word of God presented by the 144,000, and like Esau, many will sell out their ‘birthright’ or place in heaven for a very temporary stay of execution. In both stories, the consequences were terribly minimized, and this is the devils way of getting one to do things they would not normally do, if they had full information. During the tribulation though, there will be plenty of witnesses to the truth, and there will be the opportunity to hear and understand the ‘permanence’ of this decision. God will FREELY grant eternal life for anyone not taking the mark, no matter what their past was and what they have done up to this point. The devil’s message will be that most of Babylon will need to take his mark because they earned it. Will people have the faith to walk in this matter?

Again, for prophesy to be accurate, it must fulfill all of the requirements of the prophesy. The hope is that if nothing else is obtained from these writings that one would challenge those out there who are making claims the mark is either here or on its way outside of the trumpets and all of the other clear requirements written in Revelation. As I have written before, the topic of the mark is the most discussed and controversial amongst many of the expositors, and my challenge to them is to explain the trumpets and timeframe of Revelation, to see if they can place these events. To be quite truthful, the conversations normally end heated, and the people challenged have called me names, amongst other things, and basically brushed off or minimized this point. This is a rather sad commentary, as they are actually advocating sensationalism over purity of the word, and in effect, end up scaring people with ideas that do not come true.

The mark can only occur when the man of lawlessness has been exposed, who is claiming to be God, and calling fire from the heavens at will. At least half of the population has to be killed off, there will be a massive one world religiously lead government, a death decree for refusal of the mark that is immediately enforced, the appearance and active ministry of the 144,000 and 2 witnesses, supernatural events, both good and evil, and literally angels in the heavens warning against taking the mark, or suffering eternal consequences for doing this? Have we seen ANY of this yet? How can anyone claim the mark is imminent, with any credibility, when NONE of the conditions of the prophesy are being met?

If you are exposed to people claiming to have ‘inside information’ on the mark, challenge them on this. Challenge them based on scripture passages, challenge them to explain the trumpets, to reveal the identity of the man of lawlessness, the one world government and all of the other points listed above. Most importantly, ask them about prophesy, and if God fulfills what he writes in totality, or if bits and pieces of prophesy can be left out. And finally, hold them accountable for their words. Too many people make claims that God ‘informed’ them of future events, and when the don’t occur, the same people in effect minimize this ‘error’ but continue propagating the idea they are prophets, and many write books for money, and/or run ministries that can collect large amounts of money. God gave this information FREELY, and free is the way it should remain.

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