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Friday, December 11, 2009



George Offerman

I am not gong to debate this issue ad nauseum, but will make my case in this post, and want to deal with facts, not fiction and address issues. First of all, there is a major difference between criticism and attack. Being a Christian does not exempt one from criticism, corrections or any other matter, and to have gross omissions pointed out by a fellow Christian, ought to be cause for good dialogue, and ultimately a stronger position. Evidently, this was not taken as such. I am also aware of what sin is, and being a Christian does not exempt one from sin. Steve, I did not, nor will I allow you to convey the idea I called your Christianity into question: I called your omission and silence into question, and yes, it is sinful behavior.

I have been in this movement for 27 years. I don’t need someone telling me what division is. As I stated in many of my posts, and more specifically yesterday, the pro life movement in general is on reaction mode, and takes its lead from the enemy, in that the enemy demands ‘tolerance’ and does not want the images, language and use of tactics that generate news. I am going to say something to people who want to claim to be pro life, and then blatantly disregard national and international stories. Is this not the charge levied at the mainstream ‘godless’ media?

I did not call into question the stories life news has written about, I am calling out life news on the consistent omissions of some of the most news making items of the year. Yes, they involve Randall Terry, and, like it or not, the mainstream pro life movement has ignored this, and it includes your site Steve. I did an archives search on your site concerning Notre Dame, and you covered the student protests, bishops appeals, issues with Notre Dame alumnus and so on, but ONE ARTICLE about the arrests or other matters that involved Randall Terry, and Alan Keyes?

The arrests dominated the international media for 4 days, and hardly a peep from your site about this. I can tell by the number of articles, that you were very aware of Notre Dame, but it is so telling that you chose to ignore the ‘elephant’ in the room, and you engaged in the EXACT same behavior you yourself despise about the mainstream media concerning events like the annual right to life march. Steve, it is behavior like this that divides the pro life movement. Your site, like the mainstream pro life movement either ignored this or slighted the efforts of the brave 88, whose only pro life ‘crime’ was being associated with Randall Terry. That is why I make the statement you ‘iced’ this, and it seems you are trying to be a maker of news instead of commentating. Prove me wrong by showing the ARCHIVED articles of you r extensive coverage, and I will retract my statements.

I also want to know your background in the pro life movement that will demonstrate your ability to lead. I also want to know directly from you what the next moves are, and what you r plan is to overturn Roe. I have questioned your ability based upon the observation that you have selectively chosen what to report and what not to report. The mainstream media, like it or not, are experts at knowing what is news making and what is not. They found it very worthy to run non stop the arrests at Notre Dame, and have run in depth stories about the Sotomayor protests, the health care skits, the interruptions of Obama speeches, Interrupting Dean at the Reston town hall meetings, and the now “Deaf at the Cathedral tour”. You have consistently ‘iced’ these events, and if you were the number one source for pro life news, no one would be aware of any of these events. I would have to say, Thank God for the ‘godless’ press, as they have covered it extensively.

This brings me to my last point, and I will start this with your own words:

When it comes to coverage, you contend that LifeNews.com has omitted coverage of "the most pivotal news in over a decade" or that "too busy covering the stories that were more peripheral."

In actuality, LifeNews.com has focused our coverage in recent months on the health care debate in Congress that is clearly regarded by every pro-life group as the most "pivotal" news story in a decade. That Congress is making it so Americans could pay for the greatest expansion of abortion since Roe is easily the biggest story for the pro-life movement since the 1970s.

In your own words, Steve, you prove that you do not know who to win this fight. Let’s go over the facts. Obama announced his candidacy over 3 years ago. It was very common knowledge that he was one of the most pro death Senators ever, and OPENLY discussed not only up holding Roe, but expanding access to abortions. Obama also ran on the platform of overhauling health care, and how the system needs to be revamped. He was elected by a majority of Catholic and Christian voters. So, you, along with ‘every other pro life group’ regard the ‘greatest expansion’ of abortion coverage by Obama as the most pivotal news item since the 70’s? Steve, seriously, are you kidding me? It took three years for the ‘mainstream’ pro lifers to put together these thoughts 1) If we elect the most pro death candidate who wants to expand and cover abortions with 2) his mandate to take over health care, that 3) we will have to pay for this? Talk about being late to the party. Had the Churches and pro life organizations done the job, Obama would have never been elected, and thus, health care would not have been the most ‘pivotal’ story since the 70’s. Sins of Omission, Sins of Commission, Sins of silence

If what you are saying is true, (and it is incredibly sad), then ‘every pro life group’ out there has just proven beyond any doubt that they do not know how to fight and win this war. I have news for you, there were several groups that ‘got it” and went about trying to change the election, by doing activities and other tactics, not approved by you and ‘every other pro life group” and it got traction in the mainstream media. Theses efforts were totally ignored by the mainstream ‘pro life groups’, beginning with national right to life. In fact, the only comments coming from them was a condemnation of what we did (sins of commission).

In the war to end legalized child killing, the real stories are (BTW, they were covered by some of the pro life groups) 1) election of a pro abort by a majority of Christians, 2) the deafening silence of the mainstream Catholic and Christian Churches 3) Sotomayor hearings, and subsequent elevation to the Supreme Court 4) Honoring the most pro death president with an honorary law degree at the most prestigious Catholic University in the country.

Steve the tactics espoused by the mainstream pro life groups, and I include you in that, due to your deliberate and consistent ‘icing’ of the stories, does not tolerate any activities outside of your comfort zone. Sorry, but war is bloody, sacrificing, lonely and too often long. The other side is well armed and have the laws on their side. They also have been dictating the terms of the battle, and for too many years, (and I have lived through them) the mainstream pro life movement has played along with them. I joined up with Randall Terry, because like him, I see a need to go on the offensive for the babies, as they are shedding real blood, and God is not watching impartially, and we have a limited amount of time to get this done before judgments befall us.

So, Steve, I stand by my words. If you want to see them as an attack, so be it. I know what I was thinking and I know what my intentions were when I wrote the last post, so if they are misjudged by you and others, I can’t help it. But I will not stand back and have ‘people of good intention’ trash what I or others have done, that have brought legalized child killing to the front and center of the national debate because they are uncomfortable or afraid of how we did it. As God as my judge, I have way more fear of His disapproval than yours or any one else’s who are not willing to step up to the plate and ‘do whatever it takes’ to end this holocaust.

And finally Steve, no I do not believe, nor have I ever alleged that all ‘pro lifers’ have to get arrested and participate in civil disobedience, but I have made very strong statements against the pro lifers who condemn us for the tactics used, and have thus either ignored the stories, or have been condescending, like you have been with me concerning criticism. You can go ahead and label this anger or whatever you want, but like your claims are with me, you don’t know me either, and like what you claim, one can be known by their fruits. I’m saying to you: report all the news. The mainstream media cleaned up on you concerning the above mentioned stories, and that is proven by a search of your archives.

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