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Friday, September 3, 2010


George Offerman

I have been appreciative for the positive feedback from the hermeneutics series, and decided to make some clarification outside of the normal Wednesday postings. It seems people are hungry for sensible teachings that involve neither ‘fractured scripture’ nor sensationalism, which seem to be too prevalent today. I suppose it is really ingrained in human nature to be seen as ‘the man’ and have all the answers. The Bible, when read properly, should be understood by anyone at anytime in history, and anyone would have the ability to apply its lessons to any situation we will ever encounter. What seems to be such a simple process is made too complex by those who want to convince the average person that they are too stupid to figure it out on their own.

Proper interpretation of the Bible not only guides an individual in his life, but more importantly, allows himself to understand the times he lives in, as well as understanding the nature of how the Bible precepts play themselves out, and demonstrates how alive the faith is, and how personally involved God is in our lives. For instance, God desire for us to be free, but freedom comes with great responsibility. When we give our freedom away, as is occurring in our country today, we become slaves to those we give this power to. This plays into Satan’s hands, and only results in misery and discord. This is a universal principle, and history backs this 100%. How many slave states have persevered throughout history? None. But man keeps trying anyway, because that is the nature of rebellion. That is why the Babylon of Revelation will be so evil.

Satan also wants to convince the average person that he is inconsequential, that he is a ‘small person’ and cannot do or think for himself. There will be many a ‘small person’ that will have very exalted positions in heaven by virtue they took care of an ailing spouse, child or parent, when it would have been easier to ‘dump’ them onto the state. They will be exalted, because they gave their most precious commodity, time, in the greatest service to their fellow man of their own free will. This does not go unnoticed in God’s economy, and most likely their eternal reward will be freedoms magnified infinitely, compared to what seems like being ‘chained’ in this lifetime. Many who are magnified in this lifetime may very well be heaven’s janitors (if there is such a thing). Believing one is inconsequential is demonic theology and goes against what God has stated about His creation.

This age is time limited. Satan has many convinced that the ‘status quo’ is perpetual, and that nothing is going to change. We see this reflected in the Churches and political arena at this time, and most of the laity have given up or have bunkered down. There are too many things wrong in our society and world for this age to go on perpetually, and we are seeing huge fissures growing in the dam, which is near bursting. It is comical to see those wanting to believe things are alright, and that we will ‘get back on track’ by our own efforts. (As they say in New York: fuggedaboudit) The age as we know it is coming to an end right before our eyes and no amount of BS from the MSM, Church, politician or any other false source will change this fact. Whether it is the start of Revelation will be seen, but the current state of affairs is too evil, and the Living God will break into history and make the necessary changes so that those who have yet to be born will have their time to complete their God given missions.

Unlike what many have stated or believe, we are privileged to be living at this time. With great darkness comes great opportunity. We all bear crosses and there is no way around the hardships and sufferings of this life. Satan has infected our belief system by instigating relativism and the idea that life should be easy, and when it is not, it’s someone else’s fault, and we need to sue them. Standing up for the faith, and seeing others become inspired to act due to our own actions brings the greatest joy one can imagine. This doesn’t happen in ‘good times’, but in times of adversity. It also brings about abundance in blessings and a great awareness of what is happening in the current situation and what actions to take. All of these things help us grow in our faith and prepare us for eternity.

In short, the Bible is affirmed by simply observing what is going on all around us. Only the deluded would argue against this (and there are many who are deluded) and it breeds confusion. Those who dare to walk in faith have great rewards, especially now, and it only affirms the precepts and tenets of the faith. The more one walks in faith, the more the world looks foolish, and with this awareness, the individual has a tendency to see himself once again as a sojourner through this life. We are called to love people and use things, not use people and love things (including status). When this occurs, peace and harmony are present. Then we are on the route to God pleasing and healthy living. The Book gives the directions; we only need to follow it.

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