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Friday, September 24, 2010


George Offerman

Missy Reilly Smith, a D.C fixture in the pro life movement and outspoken advocate for honesty and integrity in government is running against Eleanor Holmes Norton for Congress. We in the pro life movement have long understood that the key to victory is the overturning of Roe and Doe, and this can only occur if we have STATESMEN in office. In the case of Mrs. Smith, it will be STATESWOMAN. This is our opportunity as pro lifers to ‘put our money where our mouth is’ and work on getting Mrs. Smith elected to congress.

It seems that Ms. Norton has had some ethical problems come her way lately. It seems Ms. Norton believes she can violate ethical rules and ‘solicit’ campaign funds while on government property, and in the official role of her job. It seems Ms. Norton believes she can use the high position on select committees to ‘encourage’ lobbyists to ‘contribute’ to her campaign, which is illegal. It seems Ms. Norton fits right into the current crew of cronies and thugs that now dominate Crapitol Hill and believe they have a God given right to perpetuate this cronyism that is taken to the highest art form by the Demovampire party. Citizens of D.C.: you now have a true option to rid your city of such stench – elect Missy Reilly Smith to Congress and fire Eleanor Holmes Norton.

I have personally known Mrs. Smith for nearly 10 years. Mrs. Smith has the highest integrity and ethical standard of anyone I have ever met. Mrs. Smith is the founder of Women Against the Exploitation and Killing of Unborn Persons (W.A.K.E.U.P.), created the pro life radio program ”Chastity the New Sexual Revolution” and heads up the D.C chapter of abortion survivor organization “Operation Outcry”. Ms. Smith has been a very vocal advocate for traditional marriage and was very outspoken concerning Ms. Norton’s pushing through the same sex marriage status, despite heavy lobbying against this legislation by her own constituents. Mrs. Smith has pledged to work on overturning the same sex marriage status, and to reverse the Federal funding of legal child killing that goes against the God given rights of the unborn to their lives.

Citizens of the District of Columbia: are you tired of the constant lies and corruption of the status quo candidates and elected officials? Are you tired of the constant derision by most of the country due to the ‘tolerated’ and blatant bad behaviors of your elected officials? Are you tired of having legislation you do not agree with ‘shoved’ down your throats by politicians that only care about their own future and not yours? Are you tired of the lack of accountability by these officials? Are you tired of these politicians living ‘above the law’ while they pass draconian measures that makes your life more difficult? If you are, you truly have a “choice’ in this matter, and have the ability to send a message to the other cronies that darken the doorsteps of the Crapitol building in your beautiful city. Elect Missy Reilly Smith as your Representative in Congress.

For the pro lifers in the D.C. metro area and across the country. We have a candidate that will present pro life legislation that will directly challenge Roe and Doe, and legislation that will ‘kill’ the loophole and by pass the Supreme Court. We have a candidate that knows first hand the destructive nature of legalized child killing, and understands first hand the damage it does to women. We have a candidate that is knowledgeable in educating her colleagues in the grisly and dark side of the legalized child killing fields, and can bring about significant changes in attitudes towards this barbaric practice. WE have a candidate that is not a RINO, and will follow through on her promises. Now, are we going to be all talk, or will we get behind the candidacy of Missy Reilly Smith, and do something about it?

Mrs. Smith is the real deal and without the backing of the pro life movement, Mrs. Smith’s candidacy will be greatly impaired. It is time to get out of the kitchen and Church, and DO SOMETHING. This something is supporting Mrs. Smith, either financially, or volunteering, if not both. For those of you in the D.C metro area, educate your family and friends if they live in D.C. and get them to vote. It is truly crunch time for our country, and this needs to happen.

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  1. I am horrified with the tools this lady is using to advance politically. Her abortions in my family room at the time I have to share with my family are not going to change her lack of moral and her criminal behavior. She chose to kill her babies and I don't want to see her in congress. She traumatized my kids with her grotesque pictures of dead babies. You are all wrong and I will do everything on my reach to avoid this lady from sitting in the congress. For her to kill her babies was easy. So easy that she did it twice. She did it the same way she opened her legs to get pregnant. It was not Obama or the Democrats who got her pregnant. She is trash and she did it because she felt like doing it. You support her ..you may be like her too.