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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


George Offerman

For those of you who believe George Soros, better known as a scumbag’s scumbag, has little to nothing to do with legalized child killing, think again and do your homework. When this piece of human filth gets involved in any activity, destruction usually follows accompanied with a strong sulphuric smell. There are not too many people who embody evil like this scumbag does, and now that he has his serpent like gaze fixed on the tea party, all hell is likely to break loose. This scumbag embodies everything the modern Babylon is trying to do, and he definitely is one of the very visible elite that hide little in the sense of what his intentions are.

Soros was the main catalyst for the Asian currency crisis of 1997, when he shorted the dominant currency and in effect, financially ruined hundreds of thousands of people as well as nearly plunging the world into an economic depression. This scumbag pocketed billions on the backs of this very large population and the powers that be protected him. Soros reportedly pocketed 2 billion in 2000 when he shorted the British Pound. This scumbag has stuck his blood soaked paws in too much of the world’s business, and has steered very evil legislation through this country.

Soros is an extremist in his socialistic agenda, and has funded or founded organizations that are radically environmentalist, anti American and pro U.N., gun control, marijuana legalization, and taxpayer funded abortion on demand. It is said by many, that Soros ‘owns’ the Democratic Party and fairly well has his way concerning their platform. Give this scumbag circumvents the law on a regular basis, his current target of the tea party better be prepared to have a war declared on it that it has not seen up to this point.

Elitists like Soros do not want to see the sheeple awaken, and become a threat to their plans of a one world government. The tea party threatens nearly all of their plans and these scumbags do not want to take any chances that the ‘riff raff’ derail the efforts put in up to this point. For those who still do not believe there is an evil organization out there bent upon the destruction of what we hold dear, there is a term for you: cognitive dissonance. People like Soros are so out in the open with their agendas, that only the most uninformed can deny what is right in front of their eyes. The powers that be, lead by Soros are out to destroy the tea party, as well as freedoms in this country.

The good news about this for all who follow the incompetent, inbred idiots known as the money powers are that whatever they hate and try to destroy is something we ought to be fighting for and preserving at nearly any cost. Clearly, these idiots have already made false claims against the tea party people that have proven to be fictitious, yet they are given credibility, and many of the still sleeping sheeple believe them. For anyone awake, the crazier these idiots become, the closer the tea party people are getting to their agenda, and they will do whatever they can to get their evil plans back on schedule.

Soros and his ilk ought to be run out of this country (and world if possible) on a rail. This is a person who cannot stand this country, yet made his fortune through our free market, and our freedoms that allowed him to emigrate and be successful. Soros has done nothing but pay back these opportunities won by the blood of others with contempt for and destruction of one of the greatest countries to have ever existed on this planet. Given the crimes this scumbag has committed and has not been punished for it, it should come as no surprise to anyone how low he will go and what he will be willing to do to get his agenda across. I will give you one hint: you will never be able to think that diabolically to come up with his strategy. God bless (and help) the tea party.

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