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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


George Offerman

I have probably just witnessed the most disturbing video of my life. It is of a stoning of a young girl, maybe 12 years old that did not marry some man she was set up with. She ended up being stoned to death, and it appeared those involved with the stoning were very zealous in their sick and disgusting execution of this young woman. We should begin to understand how SICK many of these people and leaders (ANIMALS) are, and what Sharia law would mean if it took root in this country. Now, I want to be clear I am commenting on the animals who took part in this execution, but it also includes those who go along with it by their silence. If this is mandated by the “god of love and peace’ I NEVER WANT TO GO WHERE THEY GO FOR ETERNITY. (video very graphic)


For those who will not view the vide, it is of a young girl (around age 12) who refused to marry an old man in an arranged marriage, and was found guilty by the Sharia civil court and sentenced to death. This young girl is surrounded by a mob, who kicks her until she is bleeding from the face, and then drops a cinder block on her head. It is extremely disconcerting that the crowd jeers, and several individuals with camera phones are getting close-ups as this girl struggles for her life and pleads with the mob of animals to spare her. Only DEMONICALLY LEAD people/animals are capable of such actions. Those posting, as well as many women who have come from these repressive regimes claim this is common practice. Well, we are seeing for ourselves what the RELIGION OF PEACE would do if they had their way in this country.

It goes beyond explanation how any religion could sanction such a brutal death, and then claim to be a RELIGION OF PEACE. This is a claim that can only be made from the pits of hell from Satan himself and be enforced by people who must be demonically possessed themselves. This is definitely not sanctioned by a God of love, but a false god of hate and destruction. By their fruits shall you know them. Many Muslims have fled to this country to get away from this repression and hate, and now many have been very vocal stating those who would impose Sharia on the world have their sights on ‘converting’ this country. Why would we not believe these people? Look at how the RELIGION OF PEACE treats its own members. Why would the RELIGION OF PEACE treat the Christian world any better?

The idea of the RELIGION OF PEACE being a RELIGION OF PEACE is about as true as the current group of cronies in the White House wanting to curtail spending and telling the truth to the American people about their real activities. When will people begin to accept the real face of this so called RELIGION OF PEACE? What is it going to take to wake people up concerning the real intent the RELIGION OF PEACE has for this country? Are we going to allow fear to rule us instead of the conviction that our One and only Lord has already won our victory over our enemies, and we just need to claim it? It is time to be rid of these shackles that bind us into inaction.

We don’t know the end result of the recent actions and threats made to us by many of the representatives of the RELIGION OF PEACE, yet we see the fruits everywhere the RELIGION OF PEACE has influence over. We even see public school children going on field trips to Mosques, and end up learning about and praying to the god of the RELIGION OF PEACE and most of the people make up excuses for this. This type of event would never occur in a Christian or Jewish setting and be tolerated, but one more time the RELIGION OF PEACE gets a free pass. When is enough enough?

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