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Thursday, September 2, 2010


George Offerman

There has been a lot of analysis over the motives and ‘mental health status’ of gunman and explosives expert James Lee. What is most interesting about the talking heads and liberal mainstream media types is that Mr. Lee was angered over Discovery’s programming that seemed to ‘glorify’ large families, and unsound environmental programming. Evidently, Mr. Lee was a strong proponent of population control, and decided to demonstrate the nature of his beliefs through the threat of violence. No one in the MSM or any of the talking heads are looking at the ‘liberal influence’ or how the ‘screeching Al Gore’ influenced him to do what he did. If Mr. Lee even breathed within one mile of any position held by the tea party, you can bet your life savings X 10 all hell would break loose, and Obamination would be making a teleprompter speech from the oval office calling for massive increases in homeland security to take care of the ‘home grown terrorists’.

Now, for those who don’t partake of the government distributed and funded kool aid, Mr. Lee appeared to be mentally imbalanced. Unlike what many in the government would like you to believe, we as free willed human beings are actually responsible for our behavior. Us and us only. Yes we can be influenced by our environment, but we are ultimately responsible for ourselves. That is why God gave us a brain, but unfortunately our modern society and education policies has dumbed down the population to such an extent, that most people would dispute such a simple notion as pure nonsense. Mr. Lee was exposed to this liberal material, and through whatever distorted mental process he filtered it, he came to the conclusion he must use violence to make his point. This decision was Mr. Lee’s and Mr. Lee’s only, and regardless of how off base Mr. Gore and Mr. Moore and others are, Mr. Lee chose, using his free will, to step way over the line. End of story.

Now, it will be very interesting to see how Rahm Emanuel and co. reacts to this event. My guess it will be they believe this person is insane, due to the fact that believing in Mr. Gore, Mr. Moore and the premise that the world is overpopulated and that all infants are parasites, and thus need to be eliminated is considered a very sane position, and the only way anyone holding the party line could actually be VIOLENT would be insanity, not believing in this philosophy. So, we will see if Rahm is able to spin and use this ‘crisis’ to somehow demonize the tea party people, Christianity or maybe the weevils of capitalism, and not enough regulation for programming on cable television. The one thing these clowns will never do is to discuss Mr. Lee’s beliefs and be critical of them, or look to ‘demonize’ those who pedal them non stop on state sponsored media.

Those who can think for themselves will understand clearly that Mr. Lee acted on his own accord. There is no need to blame anyone else, as no one else is to blame. We have information bombardment like never before in the history of the world, and it is our job to sift through the garbage and find those occasional golden nuggets that will sustain us and promote better life. People have a right to present their thoughts and beliefs, and I have a right to disregard and disagree with them. As people of free will given by God, we are the ones who need to develop our abilities to discern, and we do not need to depend on government thugs to tell us what we think and how we need to behave. I can only hope and pray that this truly mentally ill individual is not portrayed into something he is not and in turn have these thugs then promote the need to take more God given rights away from us. Let’s hope this is one crisis that even these thugs will recognize ought to just die on the spot.

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