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Thursday, September 9, 2010


George Offerman

There has been some disheartening news items in the past few days that clearly demonstrate how right is wrong and wrong is right, and the powers that be will do anything to shove this moral relativism down our throats and in our faces. The first instance involved George Grier, the Long Island man arrested for using and discharging an AK 47 in defending his family from 20 + MS 13 pieces of human waste after the human waste made many threats against him and his family. The second is Rahm Emanuel’s ‘coronation’ as the New Mayor of Chicago, and the third is the whole fiasco surrounding the Florida Pastor wanting to burn copies of the Koran.

George Grier was on his way to take his cousin back to the airport, when a gang of MS 13 human waste decided to show up to his house unannounced for tea and crumpets. Given Mr. Grier had other plans, the human waste felt offended they were not getting their tea and crumpets, and decided to threaten him. Mr. Grier, like most sensible people, took the threats seriously, and did what most free Americans ought to do, take responsibility for his own safety. The human waste then called for their own backup, and now 20 + pieces of human waste were openly threatening to “kill you, your family, and all your babies” (I guess it is legal to threaten to kill everyone in your family, especially if you are human waste). Mr. Grier discharged 4 rounds into the ground as a warning to the human waste, and then he was arrested for ‘reckless endangerment’.

Good for Mr. Grier, and shame on the state. The human waste did not show up for tea and crumpets, and did threaten this man. But the state now protects the lawless, and punishes the law abiding. Mr. Grier, being charged with several felonies, is looking at the possibility of prison, which will in effect be a death sentence for him. If he does no jail time, he will still lose his right to bear arms, and the human waste will now know he is disarmed and will most likely kill this man. If this occurs, it will be the state that will have the blood of this man on its hands. The state is too busy trying to protect the illegal alien population, who has imported this human waste of a gang and looks for reasons to punish anyone who dares to defend themselves. Mr. Grier, maybe you should have aimed higher.

The Chicago land line of thuggery continues. For whatever reason, Mayor Daley has decided to not run in the next election cycle, thus opening the door for Rahm Emanuel. The way the press has reported it, it is almost as if this position is Rahm’s for the taking, and the election process is moot. (In Chicago, it is almost a truism. I was born and spent most of my childhood just south of Chicago). There isn’t even a hint of “I need to prove what I can offer to the people of Chicago”, it is more like “I want and covet this job, Daley, get out of my way”. (Maybe Rahm is part of MS 13 and will move the main headquarters there after his ‘election’). The presumptuousness of these people is beyond description. They are so arrogant that they believe they can just declare their intent and get what they want. Maybe Rahm sent some ‘dead fish’ to Daley, and others to let them know ‘don’t mess with me’. This is a blatant show of abusive power by the elite, and pretty much an ‘up yours’ attitude towards the rule of law.

Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove world Outreach Center is proceeding on with his plans to burn copies of the Koran on 9-11. Everyone is coming out of the woodwork to ‘condemn’ this ‘outrageous and provocative act’, including General Petraeus, Rahm Emanuel, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton. President Obama went as far as warning that it “will incite many Muslims to join al queda if this occurs”. Interesting comment made by Obama concerning this RELIGION OF PEACE. Where were these people when the RELIGION OF PEACE representatives decapitated Nick Berg, and posted the video on Al Jazeera and all over the internet? Where are these people when the RELIGION OF PEACE unequivocally declares Israel should be ‘blown off the map’? Why don’t other representatives of the RELIGION OF PEACE denounce Hamas? Whether or not one agrees with Pastor Jones in his burning the Koran, Pastor Jones does make a valid point when saying “When is enough enough” concerning the advancement and tolerance of this RELIGION OF PEACE in their violence towards those they consider enemies, and wanting to put up victory Mosques and/or Islamic symbols at ground zero and Shanksville, Pennsylvania? Could you even begin to imagine if anyone in Christianity did ANY of this? It would be outlawed world wide in short order. The RELIGION OF PEACE gets a free pass.

Things are stark raving crazy in our world, and it seems like the average individual is no longer able to process this information with any sort of objectivity. Things cannot possibly go on much longer with this insanity, and we can only continue that our Lord Jesus Christ intervenes, and either change hearts, or end this charade.

Finally, for those of you, who have doubts about the feasibility of two asteroids striking in a short period of time, check out this story:


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