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Monday, September 13, 2010


George Offerman

Andrew Beacham, who is associated with Randall Terry and the Insurrecta Nex team, decided to go in front of the White House on 9-11 and protest the latest ‘controversy’ over the acceptance, tolerance and spreading of Islamic influence in this country. It is interesting how from Obama on down, want to bend over backwards and press for country wide acceptance of the Muslims ‘constitutional right’ to build a victory mosque near ground zero, but want to deny our constitutional right of freedom of speech in declaring our beliefs on the subject.

I agreed to participate in this protest because it seems like the right thing to do. I am very tired of this RELIGION OF PEACE being presented as the beacon of peace, when our own president ‘warned’ us of the ‘violent repercussions and al queda recruitment tool’ that burning or destroying the ‘Holy book’ of the RELIGION OF PEACE could and would bring. It is more than ironic that we have the most to worry about from the RELIGION OF PEACE by doing nothing more than challenging them and questioning their motives without some veiled, or direct threat from the representatives of the RELIGION OF PEACE.

The Iman, in charge of the proposed Mosque, sent Obama a thinly veiled threat when he boldly declared “Moving the location of the Mosque WILL HAVE NATIONAL SECURITY IMPLICATIONS”. Wow, it sounds like the RELIGION OF PEACE is making wholehearted efforts to reach out with an olive branch and attempting to appease this nation, whose birth was directly attributed to Judeao-Christian values. NOT! The RELIGION OF PEACE will utilize our laws against us in the name of expanding their influence, while having one of their main Iman’s in this country clamor for laws like the Sharia laws currently practiced in other countries. It seems the RELIGION OF PEACE will continue pressing and demanding our tolerance for their ways until they can impose their intolerant ways upon us.

When the RELIGION OF PEACE can hoodwink the majority that tearing up a book is worse than beheading, imprisoning, raping and pillaging MILLIIONS of people, such as in the Sudan over the past couple of decades, the majority has an issue with understanding basic morality. It is not the issue of destroying a book for the sake of destroying a book, the issue at hand is the fact the book that was destroyed calls for the active killing and/ or imprisonment of those who do not believe in that book. And the fact that our so called president validated that destroying the book will result in violence, goes to show the RELIGION OF PEACE has no intention of quelling any firestorm that follows ANY CRITICISM of their religion.

The RELIGION OF PEACE wants to place ‘extremists’ from Christianity on the same page as the Extremists’ in Islam. What it seems the RELIGION OF PEACE conveniently forgets is there are not now, or ever been suicide/homicide bombers from the Christian persuasion. There are not now or ever been whole sects of Christianity that have vowed to ‘wipe off the face of the map’ a whole people as many in the RELIGION OF PEACE are doing with Israel. There are not now, or ever been millions forced at the point of sword or gun to ‘convert or die’, or had their wives and children taken as slaves and concubines. There are not now, or ever been “Pastors’ going into Islamic capitols and making threats that if churches are not built near mosques or in prominent places ‘national security’ would be at stake. Christianity does not teach, nor ever has that a Christian should kill defenseless non combatants for not converting, or for the sake of creating terror. How is destroying a book on the same moral plane as these?

The RELIGION OF PEACE has no moral authority to discuss or dictate the moral and ethical resolve of peace and non violence to those it would eliminate if it had the chance. Based upon the past century or so, it is very clear that it is Islam, in general, that has been on a bloody footing, and not Christianity, as evidenced by their actions, and the threats spewed towards the west if the west ‘does not change its ways”. Keep this truism in mind, the next time someone wants to criticise Christians: Jesus, the founder of Christianity never killed anyone, and DIED to start Christianity. Mohammed, the “Prophet” PERSONALLY KILLED and personally ordered the death of thousands. Now, who is the more peaceful founder?

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