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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


George Offerman

There continues to be very passionate disputes over the “White House stunt” and the possible repercussions of this act. If one is truly interested in getting to the bottom of the issues and having a real dialogue on this subject, then the ‘stunt’ was well worth it. Unfortunately, there are those who will continue on in their close mindedness, on both sides, and will not want to look at how both Christianity and Islam have represented themselves throughout history and especially in the past few decades or so.

For those readers who have been following this blog for some time, you are very aware of the contempt I have for much of the Church hierarchy and how the Church has sold out to the state mainly through the 501 c 3 status. The Church has betrayed the basic tenets of the faith, and has ushered in a time of confusion, through the embrace of relativism. This has opened the door to demonic influence, and has not made Christianity very appealing to anyone. If we believe the words of Jesus “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER, EXCEPT THROUGH ME.” We need to represent Jesus as the God/man that he is. How can we pass on our faith when we can’t even agree on what it is?

Much of the world looks upon us as leaders in many different arenas. Whether we like it or not, this includes Christianity. Unfortunately, our society reflects more of a secular humanistic philosophy, and we send out very mixed messages concerning our faith and how we disregard even the basics, especially with legalized child killing. In fact, we have become experts at exporting our way of life, and much of the world is getting tired of the decadence. We need to be very mindful of the role we have and the influence in many differing areas concerning societal change.

Now before anyone gets the idea I am one of those “blame America” people for our country creating all the world problems, I am not. This country is always in the lead in helping others in a disaster, and has been solely responsible for all of the modern conveniences and survivability of so many in this world. But with great privilege comes great responsibility and because we have allowed ourselves to get complacent spiritually, we have distorted many of our gifts and have caused harm with them. It does no good, even for us, to acknowledge all our good, and cover over our misdeeds. This was covered in the full cup principle posting, and we do have huge problems as a country, like it or not.

Because we do not exist outside of Biblical principles, we too, have a cup, and it is filling. One of the four judgments is the sword, and dear reader, neither you nor I have the authority to tell God what he must do, or not do concerning his judgments. Whatever may befall our great country if/when we fill this cup will be just and true, according to our deeds. Because our Church has lost the way, and refuses to teach the truth, we are rudderless, and are inspiring few to join our ranks.

Many Muslims, trying to represent themselves as the RELIGION OF PEACE have a zeal for their beliefs that puts the average Christian to shame. Islam denies the deity of Christ and calls for the death of those who believe so. Like Christians, and Americans’, the Muslims have their own cup and are filling it. Despite denying Biblical principles, the Muslims are judged under the same law and subject to the same outcome as anyone else. So for us to have the truth, but not advance it as we have been mandated to do, only heaps more guilt onto us. We shame our Lord when we misrepresent, or just simply do not present the truth to those who need to hear it. By our own decadence, we are not saving souls; we are leading many away from the truth.

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