"America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion"

Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

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Sunday, January 23, 2011


George Offerman

Several of us went to the Student for Life gathering today, simply to pass out information pertaining to Randall Terry's upcoming presidential campaign. To say we were treated as criminals by Ms. Hawkins and her pretend police minions would be an understatement. (My son and I were personally thrown out by Ms. Hawkins herself). However, her treatment of Rabbi Yehuda Levin was beyond despicable.

It seems Ms. Hawkins, in her relatively early success in this movement, has seemed to have paid no attention to the true leaders of this movement and it shows by her poor indiscretions, in that she is clueless concerning those who have paved the way and paid significant prices that she currently enjoys for herself. I will be writing more on this in the very near future, but a letter by Missy Smith catches the essence of Ms. Hawkins naivete and cluelessness. Ms. Hawkins, there is so much you do not know about the blood sweat and tears put into this movement prior to your birth, as many you are against have been in this longer than you have been alive and it would bode well for you to get off your high horse for a minute and do some investigations into these matters.

Dear Kristan-

I want you to know up front, that I am going to send this e-mail to as many pro lifers as possible
since we say we are doing "God's work" and yet today something happened which made me very ashamed
of you and of the the "Pro-Life Movement". I know God has been watching this character assassination of
Randall Terry unfold for quite sometime and He is not pleased. It has been driven by Troy Newman, Jeff White and
even a man supposedly of God, Pat Mahoney.

First and foremost a real man of God was escorted out of the Bethesda Marriott Hotel by two security guards,
for no apparrent reason other than your personal dislike for Randall Terry, and by your orders. Shame on you.

Rabbi Yehuda Levin was that man and is the spokesperson for the Rabbinical Alliance of America representing
1,000 Rabbi's. He is a father of 9 children and numerous grandchildren. He has run for the second highest political office in America for mayor against Ed Koch in New York City. Ed Koch devotes two pages in his book "Politics" to Rabbi Levin.

Rabbi Levin had a very close relationship with John Cardinal O'Connor before he died. Rabbi has spoken with Raymond Cardinal Burke, the head of the highest court in the Catholic Church, on numerous occassions.

It will be 32 years tomorrow, that Rabbi Levin will have spoken for the March for Life. By far he is the most powerful speaker for life and morality to step on to that stage every year !

I tell you this so you won't be confused and think Rabbi was some homeless person wondering in off the street. This man
is highly regarded nationally and internationally and should be treated with the utmost respect all human beings deserve.

Rabbi Levin came to Washington at the request of Randall Terry to stand in front of the Holocaust Museum, which memorializes the Rabbi's Jewish ancestories who were murdered in the European Jewry Holocaust, and linking it to the American Holocaust that is now going on by the murdering of the most innocent, defenseless, the unborn and to introduce Randall Terry who is running for President against Obama as a Democrate to bring attention to his evil support and promotion of the murder of millions of innocent babies.

We in the pro life movement know Obama's treachory and promotion of child killing world wide and yet there are
many who don't. This is an enormous undertaking by Randall and his family. There is
only one reason for this effort and that is to show that abortion is murder thru television ads showing pictures of
aborted babies which will pave the way to end the legalized child killing that is running rampant now.

Father Frank Pavone has said "America will never reject abortion until Amerca sees abortion".

As you know I ran here in Washington as a federal candidate for Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives
for the exact same purpose. Campaign laws allow a candidate running for federal office to run ads unedited
and television stations must run them. As a matter of fact, I spoke personally to you when I was running and you
thought it was a great idea and even thought of it for yourself.

I am still tired and not totally recovered from my federal run here in Washington DC. It took enormous time
and effort. My run was terribly successful because of one thing, Randall Terry. He was my campaign manager
and with me every step of the way. Because of his guidance millions saw that abortion is murder and untold
children were saved.

We ran 255 ads that ran from West Virginia to Baltimore Maryland. I got 4 major interviews with stations
including Wolf Blitzer "The Situation Room". Three thousand phone calls and thousands more e-mails,
many of which were death threats. We blew the doors of the killing centers and showed what abortion
looks like.

Now we have an even greater opporuntity to reach even more people and educate them to the horror of legalized
child killing.

You have chosen to interject yourself with many others in the pro life movement into a situation you know nothing about,
believing the lies that have been spread about Randall Terry who is a good and honorable man. I was told these lies myself
and personally have found them not to be true. Remember no matter how thin a pancake, it has two sides. You must look
for the hidden agenda of these people spreading the gossip.

I also understand, sometime ago you personally went so far as to get Randall cancelled at a number of schools he
was scheduled to speak speak at. What kind of evil is that ? I was also told that you made calls and were able to
get buses scheduled to come to Notre Dame cancelled. Again this is only what I was told, so you can correct me if I am
wrong. If I am right then shame on you. If I am wrong I apoligize.

These afore mentioned men have now taken it upon themselves not only to have used the spoken word to assassinate
a man's character but now they have taken it upon themselves to put a website up filled with scurrilous lies. I am not only saddened but sickened by their lack of Christian charity of which it appears they have none.

Does this not give you pause to think. Are you comfortable with these actions ? What justification could there be to
publicly attack another in this way ?

And what are you doing about it ? You are supporting these sinful acts by throwing a small band of people handing out
cards with contact information on it, from your hugely successful Students For Life event on the heels of receiving
thousands of dollars from the Rudy Foundation. Don't be blinded by your success. You could easily trip and fall from grace.

What has become of integrity ? What has become of civility ? I ask you, to what end do you and all that support
this type of evil think there is ?

Satan is cunning and you are riding high right now. You too do and have made mistakes. Shall I gather around me
people whose sole purpose is to bring you down ? You too can be fooled into believing you are doing right when in fact
you are doing a grave injustice.

As I told you sometime ago when you interjected yourself into this situaton between Troy and Randall, you didn't belong
taking a position. You do not know all the facts. You don't have a dog in this fight.

As far as today is concerned, It would have been nothing for you to allow our small team to distribute our contact information to the young people at your conference. That one act made you appear small and petty.

The most offensive act was having Rabbi Yeuda Levin removed from the Marriott by security guards. I am so ashamed of you.

In all reality you are where you are because of the grace of God. Nothing else. Humility is a virtue that eludes most
of us. Great saints have studied it all their lives and had great challenges trying to attain it. You simply are the conduit
for God's good works and today you thworted that. You had an opportunity to allow a few people to hand out a few
envelopes with contact information on it leading some to support a very honorable endeavor for God's precious children.

I am sickened and hope you Wakeup to what you have done and what you are participating in.

I will pray for your eternal soul.

Covered in the shed blood of Jesus Christ,
I am Christ's humble servant,


  1. Wow!! Powerful. Nothing more needs to be added. Randall and Missy are my heroes in this battle and we should support them whole-heartedly. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide them for all of us.

  2. I can't believe this! Of course, we will not all agree on what actions to take in the pro-life movement- so we simply should have multiple avenues. [better overall, anyway] But to publicly show anything but a united front is simply the Devil Winning! Shame on them!

    1 Cor. 6: 1
    If any of you has a dispute with another, do you dare to take it before the ungodly for judgment instead of before the Lord’s people?

    1Cor. 6: 7-8
    The very fact that you have lawsuits among you means you have been completely defeated already. Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather be cheated? 8 Instead, you yourselves cheat and do wrong, and you do this to your brothers and sisters.

  3. I sent this note (below) to Kristan today. PRIDE is the ruination of the pro-life movement in America. I've seen it again and again. So.... babies keep dying and legalized abortion keeps being commemorated every January 22nd. Isn't it great there are so many records broken of American citizens coming to rallies all over the states every year and yet... most go home and don't do much else but remonstrate on the tragedy of abortion until next year when they again hold up a sign on January 22nd? Any wonder surgical and chemical abortion will continue on and on? We're afraid to evangelize but happy to demonstrate our pro-life bonafides once every year. Shame on US!

    Here's the note to Kristan:

    Keep doing the good work you intend to do in the pro-life movement. I have been involved over 20 years as a crisis pregnancy
    exec director in Albuquerque and board member of California Right to Life, writer, and a former Operation Rescuer. You are a young leader in the movement. Please reflect on how pride can rob you of your talents and charitable works. Without humility and meekness, there is discord, jealousy, envy, rash judgment, calumny, and division of all kinds. This, in my opinion, is a scandal for Christians to behave uncharitably towards others and the primary reason why the pro-life movement in America is fragmented, divided, and a disaster.

    We will continue to commemorate more anniversaries of RoevWade because of our pride, self-centeredness, and lack of humility.
    Please reflect and pray and repent and apologize for your shameful behavior towards Randy Terry and Rabbi Levin. I know all these
    leaders - Randall Terry, Troy Newman, Jeff White, Judie Brown. All good people but sometimes we get wrapped up thinking our successes are ours or that WE know BEST and everyone should follow US. They are not in control, God is. Our talents and inspiratiosn come from God. Remain humble and little and get out of the way of the work of the Holy Spirit and bless those who are also working in the vineyard of the Lord on the front lines in the leadership of the pro-life movement who are so few. You stand on the shoulders of leaders who have come before you. Don't ever forget that.

    God bless,
    Phil Sevilla
    San Antonio, TX

  4. A great big AMEN Missy. Thank you for stating the TRUTH!! You know the left are so happy to see this division in our ranks. The Tea Party folk are much smarter than we are because they will not talk bad about each other.
    They understand that even though each Tea Party is different they are working for the same goal. When one is held up they all are. Oh I do wish all the pro Life people would pull together, we could do so much more if only we could be wise!! Shame on Kristan for not helping one of our Strong leaders. You know Randall is one of the 1st leaders and the fact that he is still standing shows how strong he is. We so need men like Randall because he never fails to see the goal is to save the babies

  5. what a joke. You can't just show up at an event and expect to raise money for yourself and video-tape it for yourself.

    This is only showing one side of the story. The truth is that people were trying to hijack the Students for Life conference and raise money for themselves off it.

    Kristan- you are awesome- keep up the good work!

  6. No one was trying to hijack the SFL event. If you did your homework you would find that there were 25 Pro Life organizations their showing the
    many facets of the movement and sharing their information and wares.
    What you don't see is that there is a deep seeded "character assassination" going on. When the team first arrived we were welcomed with open arms by Alliance Defense Fund who was footing the bill. They asked us to register and they would see if Rabbi could say a word to the students. Then Kristan got on the phone without a word of explanation and had the security guards excort all out of the building, even Rabbi Yehuda Levin who was voted by Vatican Magazine one of the 10 most important religous leaders in the world. With common respect and an explanation things could have gone very differently. Instead Rabbi Yehuda Levin was driven to speak directly to this very reason the pro life movement has not been successful----Kristan Hawkins lack of judgement---Alliance Defense Fund----and the silencing of pro life groups who use the non-profit statis disallowing leaders to really speak the truth. You my friend need to do some studying before jumping in blindly to a situation you obviously don't know all the facts. There is
    much history here. There was no insterest, desire or even need to
    hijack the event. What is happening is that like myself, Randall Terry
    is running for president as a Democrate against Obama so he can
    legally run ads with pictures of aborted babies to show that abortion
    is murder. I did the same thing here in DC with great success. Randall
    was my campaign manager and with his knowledge and guidance we
    set a firestore here in the tri state area running 255 ads showing
    abortion is murder. A word to the wise.......get the facts before jumping
    in......pride comes before the fall.