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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


George Offerman

There has already been significant fallout and discussions all over the blogosphere concerning the incident involving the unceremonious expulsion of Rabbi Yehuda Levin from the Students for Life convention last Sunday. Many of those who have been in this movement for longer than Kristan Hawkins has been alive are disheartened with the naïveté and stupidity shown by this move, are beyond the ability to express their feelings over this outrage. Instead of treating this man of God as the pro-life hero he is, he was discourteously and disrespectfully thrown out of an event in which he should have been given high honors.

Kristan Hawkins does not like Randall Terry or the brand of activism that Randall Terry embraces. Kristan Hawkins is also a very young individual, and would have been in diapers and watching Sesame Street when Randall Terry came on the scene and nearly single handedly created a movement that not only changed the nature of the legalized child killing debate, but caused such political waves, that the heinous and evil Roe decision was at great jeopardy of being overturned. Those involved and actively in the movement remember the passion and excitement in what seemed the likelihood of the end of legalized childhood killing as we know it. The FACE laws (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances) was legislated and passed as a reaction to Operation Rescue’s efforts and signed into law by Bill Clinton. At that time, there were many ‘Giants’ in the pro life movement such as John Ryan, and Joan Andrews Bell, as well as the very influential Rabbi Yehuda Levin, and they were fairly unified in their thoughts and actions regarding the need to end legalized child killing.

It was through the blood, sweat and tears of these pioneers that have paved the way for the current crop of leaders/managers, and without their efforts, this movement would have died a long time ago. These men and women have proven their value to the pro-life movement through the crucible of fire and trials that the current leadership has not had to pay, and appears to have no knowledge of, nor any concern over. The current leadership through their ‘sophisticated’ thinking and ‘know it all’ attitudes, believes this war is ‘winnable’ through incremental change, sanitized language, ‘getting along’ with the enemy, removal of graphic images, ‘virtual protests’, ‘education’ and ‘changing hearts’. We see by the results how well this strategy is working (lousy) and the utter disrespect paid to the pioneers and trailblazers of this movement.

Those representing Randall Terry, in fact, did attempt to register as media at the conference, and after initial acceptance was escorted out of the hotel. Jack Ames of Defend Life, who did pay for a table, was informed he could not distribute literature pertaining to Randall Terry’s campaign. So we see, there was a deliberate icing out by Kristan Hawkins of any mention of Randall Terry’s candidacy, and this demonstrates an icing of Randall Terry, and made no difference whether invited or not. Also, as another point to be made, generally pro-life groups support and allow for other groups to get messages out and use these forums in the spirit of Christian Charity. After all, it used to be implied that WE ARE ON THE SAME SIDE and as such, supported each other’s efforts. We were not there to disrupt, protest or create problems for the Students for Life people, but to get out the message of Randall Terry’s candidacy, and expand upon the success of Missy Smith’s campaign in showing the graphic nature of legalized child killing to the nation.

Rabbi Yehuda Levin and Andrew Beacham went in with cameras to interview students as they came out on break. The sponsors of the event, the Alliance Defense Fund’s media relations for both Students for Life America and the Alliance Defense Fund gave permission for Rabbi Yehuda Levin and Andrew Beacham to be there. (This whole interaction was caught on video, and will be released shortly). In fact, the Media Relations director would have like to have Rabbi Levin speak, but mentioned they were behind in their schedule, and thus, could not do this. This decision was then challenged by Kristan Hawkins and Students for life, and enforced by Bryan Kemper of stand true ministries. Here is one of the true ‘giants’ in the pro-life movement present at an event that could of and would of benefited greatly by the Rabbi’s experience, evicted from a pro-life conference by 2 hotel security guards at the bequest of Kristan Hawkins and Bryan Kemper.

Rabbi Levin then made this statement from stage yesterday concerning the nature of the pro-life movement in general, and the new leadership/management style embraced by the likes of Kristan Hawkins:

"My dear friends do you want to know why the pro-life movement is more static than more dynamic?

"Could it be because yesterday Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life and her sponsors, the Alliance Defense Fund, had 'no room at the inn' for myself and other rabbis representing 850 other rabbis of the Rabbinical Alliance of America? I was forced out by two hotel security people; never did the abortionists of the liberals do this to me. We're owed an apology. We've been fighting for life for 32 years."

Rabbi Levin hit the nail on the head by calling this behavior out, and questioning the integrity and abilities of the so called ‘pro life leaders’ who act more like managers of corporations than of a movement. It is horrible when those who put in the work are ostracized by those who have no clue on how to get the job done, but want to be seen as the ‘big shots’ and ‘movers and shakers’ of a now institutionalized ‘pro life movement’. Shame has reached an unimaginable level now, and these people have no clue and no plan on ending this holocaust. People like Kristan Hawkins will continue to sell herself as an innovator and leader, while condemning and disrespecting those whose shoulders she is unworthy to be standing on.

If I were in charge of the Alliance Defense Fund, I would be furious and embarrassed over this fiasco. I would be apologizing to Rabbi Levin, as well as promising to give him a keynote speaking slot, and may well relegate Kristan Hawkins role as spectator, at best. If Ms. Hawkins gets the gravity of the situation, she will be falling all over herself to rectify this situation and make the necessary personal changes merited for such a situation to assure it never happens again.

I attended Ms. Hawkins speech at the John Paul II Center in October 2009 to hear her speak. (Post is in the archives section, October 13 titled: The (un) inspiration of Kristan Hawkins). In that speech, Ms. Hawkins discussed Overturning Roe, but had no plan or vision on how this will be accomplished. Ms. Hawkins went into details about growing college campuses and groups, but did not advocate showing graphic pictures, challenging the language used, did not advocate any use of civil disobedience and seemed to promise a ‘clean’ fight by promoting such things as ‘virtual’ protests, prayer circles, ‘education and changing hearts’ as a means of change, but no tangible plans that actually makes child killing illegal. Her advice for those 40+ in age: volunteer at CPC’s and do maintenance work.

We, who have been in this movement for the majority of the time legalized child killing has been the 'law of the land', understand that in order to end this holocaust, there must be a tireless, fearless band of warriors on the ground engaged in battle, and using graphic images, harsh rhetoric, the truth of God and the backing of both Church and Laity to change the LAWS of this land. The way to do this is to engage the forces of death by making them LOOK AT THEIR HANDIWORK. This campaign is not about Randall Terry; it is about showing the dead babies to those who want to call this ‘choice’. Anyone with a ‘set’ and is willing to put up with the heat is welcome into this camp. We are looking for those with the guts to stand up and show the world what legalized child-killing looks like.

Given that it is apparent Ms. Hawkins does not have the experience and knowledge that the early pioneers of this movement has, I will personally put forth a challenge to Ms. Hawkins. I will fully support you, and encourage everyone I Know, as well as being able to commit the resources of our Insurrecta Nex team if you are willing to run for public office and show graphic commercials on television, for all of America to see. It will be in this, that you demonstrate the true leadership of those, such as Rabbi Levin and Randall Terry and earn for yourself, the respect and privilege of being a national leader. This is the way legalized child killing will end, by showing the forces of hell and death the fruits of their labor in all of its ugliness and evil. Running and hiding from this reality only plays into the culture of death’s hands, and is the true mark of mediocrity.

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