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Thursday, January 27, 2011


George Offerman

It is totally amazing how there is such a dichotomy in this ‘movement’ as to how people and organizations are viewed. The fallout of the last two postings sure has separated the ‘goats’ from the sheep and it seems the goats are consistently from the party of the ‘well known’ and supposed leaders who have made some rather interesting comments, and requests, and even innuendo’s about the happenings with Rabbi Levin. The Goats happen to represent those that ‘make a living’ in this ‘movement, and while they are extremely protective of their public image, they seem to have no problem whatsoever in trashing another’s if they happen to be challenged in matters in which they should be. Maybe the better word for them is managers. After all, they seem to be ‘managing’ the movement, and want to dictate the manner in which one operates in this movement, what is the protocol, or what is politically correct and to stay within the lines of their dictates, or else….

These managers are often slaves to the 501 c 3 status, and will do everything in their power to comply with the god of the IRS. If the managers are not enslaved to that particular god, then it is the god of political correctness. All efforts must revolve around ‘what is allowed’ and what ‘does not offend’. It is more important for the managers to be well thought of by most, including the enemy than to stand up for the gospel of Jesus Christ. And if it isn’t this god they bow to, it is the ultimate god of pride. These managers have ‘something to lose’ and are bound by earthly and man-made accolades, awards, and places at the banquet tables, comfort and convenience. Anything (or anyone) that distracts or threatens this needs to be ‘neutralized’. These are all signs of an institutionalization of the pro-life movement. It now has a life of its own, and like that of virtually any other organization, the prime directive is survival.

Then we have the sheep, or to phrase it better, the workers. These are the folks who want to see legalized child killing end. These are the folks who get up faithfully and pray and sidewalk counsel at the mills regularly. These are the folks who run the CPC’s on shoestring budgets and often reach into their own pockets to supply products and services to the women in need. These are the folks who scrimp and save, and sacrifice to send money to organizations in good faith that their money will be properly utilized in ending this holocaust. These folks are the vast nameless and unknown majority that truly makes this movement work. These folks are the ones who want to see this movement get it together and get the job done. Unfortunately, many of these folks have also been hurt and abused by many of these managers and organizations, and it is their cause that challenged me to rise and call out these managers when they abuse their place of power. These are also the same folks that write to me, believing I am a voice that represents them, and at times, boldly proclaims what they are thinking and feeling. It is for these folks that I am willing to take a hit from the ‘management’.

The stories and multiple numbers of emails I have received over the past 18 months have been inspirational, but also heartbreaking. There have been more than a few who have contemplated getting out of the pro life movement due to the bad behaviors of some of these ‘managers’ and many believed they were the only ones and felt ostracized and isolated. They have been comforted by my writings and open challenges of these ‘managers’ and most have reported my analysis has been ‘hitting the nail on the head’ concerning many of these individuals. They have bought into the hype surrounding these people, who may have national name recognition, and when criticized by these ‘managers’, believed they were ‘faulty’ and ‘had the problem’. That is the greatest source of abuse out there, and most corporations don’t practice such evil doings toward their employees. But somehow, many of the ‘managers’ do this regularly, and then hide behind the “Christianity’ moniker to cover their evil deeds. I say, TO HELL WITH THEM.

See, what the ‘management ‘ seems to forget is, they are fallible and ‘broken vessels’ like the rest of us. Somehow, many have fallen into the trap of arrogance and pride, because they happen to be well known. And way too often, they equate popularity to knowledge and courage, and believe they not only know better, but are the ‘way, the truth and the light’ and by golly, if one dares to question any of the motives of these ‘managers’, they are taken to task in much harsher tones than the enemy the ‘management’ has promised to fight. Too many of these ‘managers’ are bullies, and I hate bullies. But unlike many of the faithful workers, who may be too timid or embarrassed to stand up for themselves, I have no problem getting in the ring and ‘duking’ it out with these pretenders. As the saying goes “everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time”. These ‘managers’ are no exception, and they must pick up their crosses daily and engage in the battle like everyone else, not ‘manage’ it from the sidelines. If they don’t want to do it, then get the hell out of the way, and the real men and women warriors will step forward and get the job done.

So, there is no room at the inn for the ‘managers’ that want to ‘manage’ this movement and ostracize workers who have the ‘audacity to question or challenge them’. By virtue of the nature of the complaints and compliments I have received over the past months, those who want to see this holocaust end like what they see on this site, and those that ‘make a living’ off of this institutionalized’ movement have been consistent in their hate and derision of what they see, and squeal like greased pigs when called on their hypocrisy. The sad part is not in seeing a high flying’ manager’ fall, it is to see the worker, who puts their faith, heart and soul into this movement, only to have it stomped on, and that is the real crime.

I want to note that it was 19 years ago today, I witnessed the birth of my first child, Grace, and lost my greatest hero, my father. Rest in Peace, Dad

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