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Monday, January 10, 2011


George Offerman

Leave it to those who cannot fathom responsibility to plant the ‘responsibility’ of a senseless shooting onto another group. I’m not even going to use the shooter’s name and thus, pass on the notoriety that he may be looking for, but I sure will not jump into the insanity of the liberals side in wanting to condemn the ‘right wing’ when it is clear human behavior is unpredictable in some individuals. I have also discussed how it is our free will in how we are going to act, and what information we will utilize in making the decisions that we do. (In case the liberals haven’t noticed, this lunatic cited Karl Marx writings, and he is definitely not known at all as a ‘right wing extremist’)

It never ceases to amaze me how the group who has the law on their side, wants to blame a senseless act onto another group, who openly embraces the sanctity of life. This group preaches the right of ‘choice’ over and over again, and will not acknowledge the most obvious fact on the planet, that a pregnant woman is carrying a human child. They advocate the right to wantonly slaughter a baby in the womb at 3,500 per day, and then seem to not understand that the wanton slaughter and shedding of innocent blood will not result in other bloodshed. Somehow, these people believe they are beyond the law of sowing and reaping, and are dumbstruck when the fruits are borne to them.

It seems to be a sad fact that these people who push ‘no fault’ life then want to find fault with everyone else when their immoral ways breed the fruits that are inevitable and self evident. The lack of logic and common sense is beyond belief, and would be very comical if not for the fact these ‘useful idiots’ seem to con enough people and law makers to institute even more insanity into an already abundance of idiotic laws. Not for one minute will any in this group have one moment of introspection, and begin to consider their own foolishness and part they played in all of this. There is such a disconnect that even when pointed out, they don’t get the connection, and want to throw out the word ‘conspiracy’ to describe the cause/effect relationship they don’t get.

The liberal is so morally bankrupt that it is he that is blind to the reality surrounding him. Death begets death, and it is the law of reality. What actually occurred in this case was a man who appears to be mentally unbalanced and made a series of decisions that became lethal for several people at a Safeway in Arizona. It was this individual who used his free will to kill others, and the ramblings on the internet he left behind does not give any indication that he had a rational thought in his head. It seems only the bankrupt can look at the ramblings and make sense out of them to blame them onto a group they despise. Sounds like insanity charging after insanity.

Ultimately, it is insulting for one group to ‘politicize’ this event to their supposed advantage. The problem is, this group that already demonstrates more than their fair share of stupidity only increases their own stupidity by multiples. It could only be stupid people that can take insanity and find sanity in it when none exists. These are the same people that cannot see the relationship of wanton murder of the most innocent, and link it to the obvious increase in overall violence towards those already alive. It’s too bad it is this way, but until the veil of darkness is lifted, those who believe they are ‘enlightened’ will continue to stumble around in the darkness, and blame their self imposed blindness on others.

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