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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


George Offerman

This could be considered a ‘part 2’ of the evening with Dr. Alan Keyes. Dr. Keyes went out of his way to expand on this point, and emphasized how the slight variation of the word ‘right’ can change the whole meaning of what is meant by the use of the word. Dr. Keyes pointed out, correctly, that the root of the word rights is right and for one to have their ‘rights’ affirmed, the rights should also be right, as in right from wrong. When sin is promoted as a ‘right’ it breeds confusion, anger and dissention within society. And when this occurs, repression must take place, and unfortunately it is the ‘rights’ pushing crowd that is winning the day and as such, those that know between right and wrong are persecuted for their beliefs.

The areas that emphasize the idea of rights that are clearly sinful and evil are legalized child killing and the homosexual marriage movement. Despite the fact both groups instigating these movements will use the term ‘rights’, they will deny the root word ‘right’, and insist on making a wrong an issue of ‘rights’. When the word ‘rights’ is used, it conveys the idea that one is entitled or can demand that particular actions or beliefs become legalized, and that another does not have the ‘right’ to stop them from achieving or participating in their desired behavior or activity. And too many in this country have come to seem many of these issues, once given legal status, as also given moral status of being correct and anyone who disagrees or fights against this activity is seen as bigoted.

The idea of rights as written in our Constitution refer to rights that are inalienable, and given by God. These rights as listed in the Constitution also happen to be ‘right’ in the moral sense that they are intrinsically good, and result in the betterment of the individual as well as the community, and ultimately the nation when followed. When immoral or Godless activities are elevated to the status of ‘rights’, trouble, discord and division ensues. We are seeing this now in our society, as small minorities of people have utilized the court system to force the majority into accepting their immoral ways and giving little recourse in which to change this position.

There were never huge protests by a majority to instill either legalized child killing or homosexual marriage upon the masses. It was done through back room deals, and sneaking it through the court systems. The majority of Americans find both practices to be repulsive, but have too much fear of being labeled by either of these groups to stand up to them. These groups, along with the MSM and complicit Church, make it look like it is the majority and that only unenlightened individuals would be opposed to this new way of thinking. With this charade pushed as reality, many individuals who may have some intestinal fortitude to stand up if they believed they had the numbers, will back down, and evil will progress because good men do nothing.

We are at a point in our nation’s history in which action on these issues is necessary, and there needs to be a vast amount of urgency to the actions. Christianity not only validates ‘rights’, but also is ‘right’ in its precepts and teachings. We need to have those willing to lead and we need to support them in their leadership roles and not sell them out, as has been the case over the past few decades. It is our duty and obligation to present the truth as our Lord Jesus taught, and let us not be timid or fearful in this mission to spread the Gospel to a needy world. If we have truth on our side, we have nothing to fear, and need to be the light that we know Christianity gives us. Let’s get out there.

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