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Friday, January 21, 2011


George Offerman

It did not take long for the expected shrill of hysteria to emanate from the pro death camp concerning Randall Terry’s candidacy for the presidency. The thought of being exposed to their own handiwork through commercials depicting the horror of legalized child killing is too much for these ‘pro choice’ people who believe legalized child killing is a God given, constitutionally protected sin. It is a good lesson going forward for the pro lifers out there. This is what being on the offense looks like, and this is what the pro deathers look like when they see a true threat coming their way.

It’s funny, how in REAL LIFE most people are proud of their accomplishments, and want to show them off. Not with these lunatics. They cannot be proud of their accomplishments, knowing deep in their hard hearts, that life is truly being ended by legalized child killing. It is why they squeal like pigs when graphic pictures and signs are present, and make such foolish statements as “you will TRAUMATIZE small children with them”. Well, pro deathers, how do you think the child in the womb feels as it is being ripped limb from limb as its life is taken in the most brutal of fashions? Besides, if legalized child killing is SAFE as well as a RIGHT, how could anyone be TRAUMATIZED by viewing it?

My wife and I were listening to Alan Colmes interviewing Randall Terry a couple of nights ago. Mr. Colmes kept accusing Mr. Terry of showmanship and self promotion, and did not want to cover the nuances of what Mr. Terry was talking about, which was opening up a true debate on legalized child killing. Mr. Colmes ‘comeback’ to this was to try to pin Mr. Terry into stating the holocaust, and pain felt by surviving Jews is the same as a ‘woman’s right to choose’. Mr. Terry agreed with this, stating they are the same, and this seemed to be more than what Mr. Colmes could handle. Somehow, to Mr. Colmes, people outside of the womb are more viable than those in the womb. Maybe Mr. Colmes just ‘poofed’ into existence and had the privilege of bypassing conception and birth. Mr. Colmes, how exactly do human beings come into existence?

It is rather enjoyable to see the real nature of the pro death side and to see their reactions to someone challenging their ‘sacred cow of pro choice’ thinking. The bankruptcy in this whole arena is out on display, and is it ever ugly and evil. The vile nature of these people is nearly indescribable, but it must be that way, when one considers what kind of a heart one must have to perpetuate the myth we can kill children at will and believe we are doing the ‘right thing’. Yes, killing an innocent person in the womb is comparable to gassing or shooting the living in an attempt to exterminate a race. Murder is murder, no matter the biological process of development, Mr. Colmes.

The problem seems to be, that the pro deathers are beginning to confront the reality of the situation. Unfortunately the reality of the situation is more like Nazi Germany that the modern ‘sophisticated’ America they would like to believe. They want to do what they want without anyone telling them their actions are immoral and evil, but they want to be ‘sophisticated thinkers’ on the subject, and somehow anesthetize themselves from feeling the reality of this decision. Too many women are harmed by this, and we have a nation of people who are scarred and in dreadful pain every day they wake up and think about what they did. Can those who believe in this evil truly be proud of the reality they created? Look at how hard they fight against having to look at it. That should tell you everything you need to know.

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