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Thursday, January 6, 2011


George Offerman

Happy New Years to all the readers of this blog. It is my hope and prayers that your year goes smooth, and you attain your goals, whatever they may be. I also hope God continues to send his grace to this country and world and that we finally begin to see the light and focus on living in His Will instead of thinking we know better and continue mocking His Ways and Will. In the mean time, there are some changes taking place on this blog as well as some changes that should be occurring in the next few months, but I’m not going to discuss them until I know for sure they will occur.

I am taking to heart much of the feedback I received over the past year concerning topics that people seem to enjoy versus those that have ‘raised eyebrows’. I have encouraged a few of my readers to submit their own postings, and this has been my policy since starting this blog. The intent always was, and is still to be a voice for the pro-life movement and be a forum for those who believe they are not being heard. This has included some topics that have pointed out certain people and organizations within the pro-life movement who don’t necessarily appear to be on the ‘up and up’. I will continue to post on these events and circumstances, as we do want to pursue the truth, but not slander and innuendo.

I will continue to post about the matters I believe to be very relevant to our lives in this country. This will include the continued references to the money powers, the silver markets, the country’s financial status, who may/will be running for public offices in the near future, and prophecy. I will continue with the hermeneutics series, but I am looking to modify it from my original plan. I have also been considering going to one site, as maintaining the two sites currently is very time consuming, and I am not gifted in the area of web master.

The top priority for this year will be keeping close tabs on the politicians and how they vote on the legislative agenda, as we understand them. We will not pay any attention to the Demovamp party, as they are pretty much hopelessly lost and appear to want to stay in their lost ways. We need to keep front and center the aspects of legalized child killing and there needs to be tangible action and victory or our country is lost and judgments will proceed. We also must hold the Church accountable when they fail to teach the gospel as it should be or we will soon see heavy persecution for even the simplest of gospel stances and proclamations. It is not time to be lukewarm

Through all of this, we need to stay focused on our faith and work on living it out. We need to be bold in our proclaiming the truth as we know it. It is imperative we know we have the truth on our side and this nation is desperate in hearing this truth. We need those willing to step out in faith to join the winning team and get done what should have been done decades ago, and that is the preservation and respect for all life.

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