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Thursday, January 14, 2010


George Offerman

This book co written by Coach Dave Daubenmire and Dr. Gregory Thompson takes a very candid view of the multiple problems our society is going through, and accurately nails the cause of the problems. This book is a hard hitting, but is a thorough and honest look at the failings of the Christian Church in doing little to nothing about the issues. It is not for the faint of heart or the lukewarm.

The book starts out with a bang, with the forward laying out the problems, the causes of them, and the dereliction of duty of the church both by not shaping the debate surrounding the problems, and its passivity in surrendering its moral authority, and punishing those with the integrity and honesty to stand up and attempt to address the problems.

The story then moves to the setting at Notre Dame, and gives an overview of the main players, their views , rhetoric and actions, and how this small band of warriors shaped and changed the debate on abortion, and effectively ‘outed’ Obama, and the pretenders who are claiming to be Christian and are in positions of power and authority. The ‘standoff’ at Notre Dame was a prime example of how to stand up to authority in a God fearing manner, as well as seeing a ‘Pharisaic” reaction from the administration, specifically FR. John Jenkins in denying the basic tenets of the faith due to inconvenience and popularity.

The book then moves onto its main theme, that of the failure of the shepherds to be in the forefront of the debate, by neglecting the basics of the Gospel, the safety of the pulpit, the desire to get along and be liked, and ultimately, the inability and reluctance to train and develop warriors to engage in this battle. The examples and stories are very specific and make the point rather clearly that on the ground leadership is absent, and that most of the Shepherds fall into the category of ‘hirelings’ not having that true spirit of loving the church, but living a life of comfort while watching the majority of the flock they are supposed to be tending, go to hell.

One is struck by these examples and stories, that both Dr. Thompson and Coach Daubenmire have ‘walked the walk’ and their ability to utilize scripture properly, gives this read a significant moral gravity that is authentic and difficult to deny. This was a book I had to read in small portions, due to the fact it lead to much contemplation, as well as some heartache when thinking about how much time I have personally wasted on what are peripheral issues, but seemed important just a few years ago.

Their insight into the fact that most shepherds are not taught how to be warriors, along with not being taught what the Bible really says was validated by my own Seminary experience. This information would have never been taught where I went to Seminary, and the idea that one should fight for the faith up to the point of death, if necessary, was never broached. Yet real children die, to the tune of 4,000 per day, and the status quo is more focused on getting along, and not offending men, than offending God.

This book not only nails the problems with our shepherds and church, but is also rich in solutions that will work. Both of these men have been active in their ministries for over 30 years, and have the ‘scars’ to back up their assertions. Any warrior, picking this book up, will be clear on this point from the get go, and like myself, feel gratified that others are out there, that are fighting the good fight, and feeling the same way as these gentlemen. It’s time for the warriors to cover the backs of other warriors, since the mainstream pro life movement will not do that.

I highly recommend this book to anyone, whether a warrior, contemplating active participation in this war, or just to understand the struggles of those willing to engage the current evil in this society. I am personally grateful I was able to spend time in jail with Dr. Thompson and the others, as it was some of the best fellowship I have ever experienced in my life. I would encouraged those who may not yet be ready for the heavy fighting, to read this book with an open mind, and really take away the lessons portrayed. There are not too many ‘training manuals’ out there, but this definitely is a great ‘nuts and bolts’ book, and is a must read for the warrior. Thank you, Dr. Thompson and Coach Daubenmire for writing this.

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