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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


George Offerman

Health care continues to be front and center in the current debate throughout the country, and among most pro life groups. There seems to be repercussions for many of the democrats, especially in the Senate, as it appears there are now two prominent Senators choosing to not run for reelection. While the election is some ways off, and much can happen in the mean time, what is the pro life movement going to do with what may be considered a ‘once in a decade’ chance to make an impact?

It seems many of the pro life groups are looking to the Republican Party for their answers. If one looks at the track record for this, it is rather abysmal, and most likely will end up in the same fashion, as the last opportunity, in 1994, when “The Contract for America” was introduced by Rep Gingrich and co. At that time, there was hope that some sane legislation would be passed, but ultimately, they capitulated to Clinton, due to Clinton’s desire to win, and use whatever means necessary to do so.

Ultimately, it was their lack of conviction in believing the platform they ran on, that allowed for the disaster that we are still dealing with. The Republicans had a brief opportunity to do something of substance whit Bush in office, but once again, sold out on their core convictions. The ‘asleep at the wheel’ majority of the American electorate then voted in the current crowd of cronies, and look where we are now.

We really have an opportunity to shape the debate as a movement, but it will take some unprecedented courage, and tactics not normally used to do this. Legalized child killing is front and center as the main obstacle and the first task at hand is to make clear to BOTH PARTIES that passing this bill allowing for federal funding of legalized child killing will result in them losing their jobs. Anything less than that by us will be a SELL OUT. If we don’t do this, then it will only show the current tactics of ‘tolerance, education and being nice’ not only is an abject failure, but actually brings great harm to the cause of ending legalized child killing.

We have had a prime example of this with a small group in Hawaii that protested in many locations that Obama appeared in. This small group received a significant amount of secular press, and received very little in the mainstream pro life media. Their efforts are continuing to make news, but more importantly, tying Obama and legalized child killing together. Efforts like this will make the point to those who openly lie about their positions, get elected and think they get a free pass, to think twice about that strategy. We need to hold these elected officials accountable, and actually follow through with throwing them out of office.

We also need to find and elect representatives that will not compromise, or subscribe to ‘incrementalism’ as a strategy in ending legalized child killing. For too long, the mainstream pro life movement has tied themselves to this losing strategy, and most of the representatives in the Republican party have learned to throw just enough ‘red meat’ to the profilers, to get reelected and continue on in their mediocre efforts at ending legalized child killing. These elected officials need to have the ‘fear of God’ instilled on them, and actually earn the right to represent this cause.

The question is, are we up to this task, or will it be delegated to the large institutional pro life groups, such as National Right to Life, to do our thinking and activities for us? We need to stand up as the Christians God called us to be, and get the job done. If not us, then who, if not now, when?

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