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Monday, January 4, 2010


Since we already know the mainstream media is going to ‘ice’ this event, we might as well have some fun (hopefully at their expense). In this light, I am creating a contest to show disdain for the mainstream media and all of its lackeys. Since they mock us at every turn, we might as well expose their biases and shed some light of truth their way. So, there will be two categories to win prizes, and I will go over the stipulations in the proceeding paragraphs.

First some comments on the March for Life. First, I applaud Nellie Grey for putting her efforts into this march year after year, and getting the support that she does. I always hope every year, that the march is a springboard for an increase in activities for the rest of the year, but unfortunately it seems to result in most feeling like they did their annual ‘obligation’ and seem to disappear until the next march. This needs to change.

Also, I hope we don’t have some of the ‘sidebar’ stories the mainstream media picks up on, such as last year when a great deal of marchers wore “Obama” paraphernalia and appeared to not see the blatant contradiction in their positions. The mainstream media will be looking for any ridiculous story to focus on and to discredit the march and the cause.

Now, onto the contest. The first category will be “guess the numbers’. The object of this is to get the closest to the spread position between the ‘underestimated’ numbers by the Park Police and the estimates by Nellie Grey’s people. Remember, they round off numbers, so one might like to think of using estimates like on “The price is right”, i.e. (150,001). In the case of a tie, the winner will be determined by the earlier submitted estimate. Only one estimate per person allowed for this category.

The second category is funniest “headline” for the mainstream media’s not covering the march, “The dog ate my microphone”. Think of your greatest line or try to get into the heads of the mainstream ‘free’ press and think of the stupidest idea (Probably close to the truth for them) and send it this way. This is more subjective, and will be determined by me. The ‘laugh’ quotient must be there, and I will post the headlines I receive. One can enter as many ‘funny’ headlines as they can think of.

Prizes. Well, Mr. pro life defender is going to put his ‘money’ where his mouth is, and offering some of his silver bullion, as well as copies of the book Where are Our Shepherds graciously donated by Gregory Thompson. The contest is open at the time of this posting, and will end the day before the march on the 21st. I, obviously, am not eligible to win and will have others validate the winners and awarded prizes.

First Prize: 2 Silver American Eagles, any year, copy of Where are Our Shepherds?
Second Prize: 1 Silver American Eagle, any year, copy of Where are Our Shepherds?
Third Prize: Copy of Where are Our Shepherds

Send Contest entries to: prolifedefender@gmail.com

Under 18 can participate.

Good luck, and have fun.

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