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Thursday, January 21, 2010


George Offerman

I am rather dismayed that the newly elected Senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown, is a proponent of Roe V. Wade. On the surface, it is good that hell care may very well go down in flames, but it shows that the majority of the pressure put on the democrats, and the most influential constituency is mad up of those that are looking at taxes and big government as the major source of problems, and not the number one issue of preserving all life and protecting the unborn. What a shame.

It is more imperative that the pro life movement becomes more relevant, and step up to the plate to get its job done. Legalized child killing is above and beyond the most relevant issue our nation faces, yet it is relegated to back room status, and does not get much attention from the Republican Party, other than lip service around election time.

If we as Christians truly take a Theo centric view of the world, we have to do something about this. It cannot be treated as an inconvenience and avoided at all costs in order to ‘keep the peace’. If people, including Christians, find it more important to vote for the wallet instead of for life, it will be very clear where God will intervene next. I, as well as many others, have been stating that the economic concerns are the greatest impediments to the majority of people truly getting involved in this fight, and if money becomes the new god, then the Living God will eventually let this false god have its day. And will it be ugly, especially when it goes to its intrinsic value: zero.

The march for life takes place tomorrow, and it will be seen as to what effect we will have on anyone in the government and society. There are many ‘undercurrents’ that will be at play tomorrow, and one is Fr. Jenkins appearing (for the first time) and demonstrating some hypocritical stances, such as trying to peddle his snake oil, that once drunk, will make him look pro life. There are many who wish he would stay in South Bend, and not cause any more dissention than what he already did. Evidently, it is more important for Fr. Jenkins to feed his ego, than deal with the realization that he is a polarizing individual that claims to be an ordained priest in good standing in the Catholic Church.

There will also be Bishops present on the stage, that will give flowery, and possibly some tough speeches, but will not follow through on what they themselves will call out believers to do. They will mock the faith, and justify their betrayal of their vows to carry out the gospel of Jesus Christ, and serve the Body of Christ to child killers who have blood on their hands.

There will be those that praise the recent elections, and state how this has changed the pro life movement, without looking at the fact the motivation for change had to do more with economic reasons than principles, like the sanctity of life and real belief in God and his justice. Much lip service will be paid to this, and there will be a lot of feel good statements made, but most will go back to their lives afterwards, and not do much until next year.

There will then be the counter protestors who will garner much media and a great deal of attention. Their tired and contradictory arguments will be given the same moral gravity as the word of God, and will be promoted by the mainstream media as the ‘enlightened and sophisticated’ positions. This will be what the mainstream media pushes, and this will be the impression that the uninformed masses will get. We need to do something about this and create a firestorm tomorrow that will garner the right attention.

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