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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


George Offerman

I received a response from Missy Smith after posting the last piece on the wimpism at the JP II center. Since Anti lifer Adele Stan does not want or may not be able to tell the truth, and none of the pro life media followed up with Missy Smith, I decided to post her response to this outrage.

You are stop on! Where have all the "Church Militant" gone? Courage and principle once were virtues that we strove for. Today, the Wimpish Factor is in the majority. Even within the pro life movement we hear how important it is not to offend anyone. How offensive is it to suck the brains out of a defenseless child of God?

The tail is wagging the dog here. They have it all wrong.
The inmates are running the asylum. The criminals have the law biding people on the run.

But the buck stops here with you and me George. I am sick of this
whole game. No more Mister Nice Guy. Let's start telling the
whole truth, nothing but the truth so help me God.

Adele Stan came around with her tape recorder and pad of paper
looking for a way to cause trouble and finally she found it.

She edited my speech at the Insurrecta Nex Training session and
waited for the opportunity to make her move. It is true, George
Tiller was a mass murder and he reaped what he sowed. This is
Biblical. Long before I said it, people have been reading this in the
Word of God for centuries.

In nature there are no judgments, just consequences for actions.

Adele Stan didn't report on the fact that Tiller had a physician on
his staff who's job was only to sign the certificates of these young
women aborting their late term viable perfectly healthy children
since the law in Kansas requires a second opinion that the women
having their children killed by Tiller and Carhart would be harmed
if they didn't have this demonic procedure. Adele didn't report
on the 19 criminal counts that were filed against Tiller because of
this "conflict of interest" relationship with his staff member he was
paying to sign these official documents.

She did take my words and twist them around for her own diabolic
pleasure about Tiller and Carhart offering christening services
including photographs of the mother holding her dead child in
a long white christening dress after a phony pastor baptized these
little children whose lives had been snuffed out for no other reason
than someone’s convenience and the financial gain of two sick, sinful individuals.

It is true I would like to "get" Leroy Carhart tried by a jury of his peers and put behind bars for life for sucking the brains out of God's precious children.

Satan's minions are roaming the earth looking for the ruin of souls.
They manifest in many ways and one is a so called journalist who
would post lie after lie to make problems for people who want
to end legalized child killing.

We will miss a great opportunity to reach thousands of young,
women and men that will come thru the John Paul II Cultural Center on the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of January. They will be here for the March for Life.

I had planned to have Women from Operation Outcry and Silent No
More speaking about the pain and regret of their abortions and how
there is hope and healing thru Jesus Christ.

I had planned to have a post abortive man speak on his life long
sorrow and involvement as well as being the Executive Producer of
the now famous movie Bella and the organization that is setting
fires in schools and prisons around the country called Bella Hero.

I had planned to have one of the greatest sidewalk counselors in
the business give a training session on how to save babies lives
in front the most evil place in the world - the killing centers.

I was going to speak on chastity and help train young adults how
to be real pro life activists thru the greatest training tool available, Insurrecta Nex.

It is no wonder the devil didn't want these three days to come
together and arm the youth from all over the country with the
armor they need to win this most deceive battle for man's soul
since the beginning of time !

Missy Smith
Chastity Programs International
Team Leader for Insurrecta Nex

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