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Friday, January 29, 2010


George Offerman

The Scott Roeder trial has created a firestorm in which the majority of the pro life groups are falling all over themselves to ‘distance’ themselves from what Roeder did. The unintended consequences of this action, however, have the negative impact of throwing out the fact that what Tiller did was the whole reason Roeder did what he did. In this, the pro life groups are going along with the prosecution in that child killing is off the table as an issue of debate. Obviously, as Christians, we may disagree on this point, but our debates and comments should remain within a respectable brotherhood and be done in Charity and dignity.

However, the advisory board of Operation Rescue, evidently led by the Rev. Patrick Mahoney takes this to an extreme, in which they (the board, or whoever actually writes this press release) unloaded a personal attack on Randall Terry. This memo is thick with intentionally emotional and attacking language, and a search of their archives shows they never even came close to showing Tiller the disrespect they are heaping on Randall Terry. This is a personal vendetta, and there is nothing conciliatory in their language, that would convince even the greatest skeptic that this is not an intentional hatchet job. Here is the press release in its entirety:

WICHITA, Kan., Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Yesterday, Randall Terry, who is regrettably traveling to the Roeder trial in Wichita, stated in a news release, "We are not coming to condone or condemn Scott Roeder's actions," and dared to compare Roeder to the Civil War figure John Brown.

The Advisory Board of Operation Rescue issues the following statement on Randall Terry's refusal to condemn violence.

"The Board of Operation Rescue wants to make it clear that Randall Terry has no affiliation or involvement with Operation Rescue. That has been the case for over 17 years.

"Sadly, Randall Terry has chosen to abandon the Christ-centered principles contained in the historic Operation Rescue Pledge of Non-violence. By refusing to condemn the actions of Scott Roeder, Mr. Terry has completely abandoned the core principles of Operation Rescue.

"Mr. Terry's relentless thirst for media attention has led him down a road of extremism, fringe actions, and bizarre media stunts which have isolated him from the pro-life community and the timeless principles of an organization he helped establish.

"Our prayer is that Randall will return to a place of humility and sanity and once again embrace the cross of Christ and stop choosing to be involved in cheap and pathetic public relation stunts that harm the pro-life message."

Read Operation Rescue's Pledge of Non-violence

Contact: Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, 540-583-4741, Member of Operation Rescue's Advisory Board and Director, Christian Defense Coalition

SOURCE Operation Rescue

As one can see, this memo focuses more on the ‘lack of character’ of Mr. Terry, than it does the merits of Mr. Terry’s arguments, or purpose of being there. The interesting thing is that those who are responsible for this press release are supposed Christians in good standing. Yet they are engaging in personal attacks, and then attempting to hide behind the Christianity moniker. To those, or to who penned this memo: You are the arbiter of justice and humility and you have the authority to determine who is repentant and who is a lost sinner? Where did you get this authority? Arrogance.

It is Operation Rescue that is looking unchristian and petty, by writing and publicly releasing this trash into the debate. Disagreeing with Mr. Terry’s tactics is one thing, the personal attacks, especially in the name of Christianity, is so unbecoming of the true Cross of Christ and Christian Charity that it reeks of hypocrisy and hate. And these people believe they are at the forefront of ending legalized child killing? They believe they are the model of solid Christian behaviors?

Again, read the memo, and take in how much is focused on the trial, and how much is focused on the comments made about Randall Terry and his ‘character’.

I have been accused of many things since writing about some of the issues I have with Operation Rescue, but I have kept it on the factual course, by pointing out problems with their press releases, and asking questions that are pertinent for a donor to an organization. I, in return, have received insulting and condescending e-mails, and had strong hate mail sent my way, that I have not printed or published or even discussed other than the initial correspondences with Troy Newman (and even some of that was edited). I have not returned in kind what I have received from Operation Rescue, or its backers, and have attempted to get answers from an organization that is beginning to appear more suspect the more I attempt to get answers to very basic questions. These are not qualities of a well run Christian organization, and they sure are not qualified to discuss the character of others, when they themselves have questionable tactics, release trash that mimics a press release as seen above, and responds only with mocking and condescending tones when asked straight forward questions.

The irony of this is, that Operation Rescue and many who support them see what I have written as an ‘attack’, yet they spin their personal vendettas as ‘facts’ and do it, supposedly in the ‘humility of Christ”. Only in the land of make believe and double speak does this have any merit. It is incredible that not only do they do to others what they themselves do but claim they don’t, but then they make claims that others, who point out their unchristian behaviors, are being evil, and unchristian, and thus end up becoming their whipping posts. I, for one, have about had it with this behavior, and also have about had it with those who back this bad behavior. We have this epidemic of child killing going on, and there are those, such as the advisory board of Operation Rescue, too busy wanting to trash those who are doing something about it.

So, the e-mail, phone calls or whatever else comes my way concerning this posting, I will publish and discuss them in their entirety in this forum. I am going to call those people out by name, and demand they address the issues that are relevant and to the point, and refrain from personal attacks and name calling. I will focus on their hypocritical and sinful behavior, and call it what it is.

My message is simple and clear: back those up willing to do something about ending legalized child killing, and leave the personal vendettas at home. If the organizations want to act in an unchristian manner, then I will gladly point it out in a public forum.

One last comment pertaining to a statement made by ‘the advisory board’ and that is the claim of ‘returning to a place of humility and SANITY’. I don’t know who made this statement, but I want to know who has the clinical experience and can legally make a psychiatric diagnosis on someone. I am licensed in my state where I practice clinical social work, and have the authority to diagnose mental disorders. Whoever is making a claim of Mr. Terry’s ‘insanity’ better be licensed and better be prepared to back this claim legally. I take great exception to this statement, and it better be recanted by the board, and an apology forthcoming very soon.

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