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Monday, January 11, 2010


George Offerman

The ‘about face’ taken by the JP II Cultural Center in light of the articles written by anti lifers Adele Stan and Michael Winters shows exactly why the Church is losing the pro life war, as well as the war for souls. This is the perfect example of the enemy dictating the terms of the battle, and representatives of the church falling lock step into their marching orders. The anti lifers could not be happier with this quick and easy capitulation to their will.

The decision to cancel Randall Terry, then Missy Smith from their properly scheduled event was a matter of a few hours at the most, and was initiated by the articles written and attempts to get comments from Ms. Gibbs at the JPII Cultural Center. Exactly whom was involved in the decision making process to cancel the weekend program is highly irrelevant, and demonstrates that the Church is not ready to engage in this battle in a way that will move us to victory in ending legalized child killing.

It is amazing how many of us can use the term ‘anti life’ and ‘child killing’ and end up getting more criticism from the ‘pro life’ side than the enemies. (Did anyone notice the language used by the anti lifers Ms. Stan and Mr. Winters, and complain about it?) I have noticed several pro life organizations that agreed with this decision by the fact they have said NOTHING. Again, regardless of what one thinks of Randall Terry, the fact that he can be painted into a corner by the anti lifers, WHO USE THE SAME EXACT TACTICS THAT THEY ACCUSE RANDALL TERRY OF, and get away with it by the silence of our side shows how unprepared we are to fight and win this war.

These same people, who used despicable language in describing Mr. Terry and Mrs. Smith, don’t tolerate what they label as ‘hate’ speech, when accurate criticism is levied against them. Ms. Stan and Mr. Winters are anti lifers and are intolerant bigots. These are true statements, and I for one, will continue to make them. If this makes the pro life side uncomfortable, so be it. WELCOME TO THE WAR. It is messy, bloody and uncomfortable. So is the judgment of God. We need to call these people out on their errors, and not shy away from this task.

What happened at the JP II Cultural Center is a symptom of a much larger problem, and that is of wimpism. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is being hidden under a bushel basket, and in effect, being denied by the same organization that is mandated to spread this Gospel throughout the world. When confronted by the simplest of truths, most of the leadership scrambles and runs away from any sort of confrontation, and tries to placate the other side, by complying with their marching orders. “Let’s all get along, because it is NOT NICE to tell someone they are in error or wrong, it may hurt their feelings”. The Church has rewritten Jesus’ greatest commandment and it is this: “Thou shall not offend anyone, even if it’s the truth”. Wimpism.

This is why many in the pro life movement want to quit, or have given up hope, because the Church and most mainstream pro life organizations do not fight to win, or know how to win. John Paul II made very clear statements pertaining to the right to life, and was clear that it is the number one issue of our time. It is not being treated as such, especially when other ‘social justice’ issues are being taught to have the same moral gravity as legalized child killing, and many in ordained ministry are more than happy to be going along with this error, than to stand up for the truth and be marginalized. Remember, it was Jesus who said “No servant is greater than his master, if they persecuted me, they will persecute you also” John 15:20.

There is a reason our Church used to teach and live by “The Church Militant” moniker. There was a time when the Church used to understand what this meant, and actually abided by it. The Church commanded respect, and it was the politicians and others that looked to the Church for the proper positions on issues and needed their approval. We now have political correctness ruling the day, and it is the Church that is having in essence, pagans telling them how to talk, or not to talk about God, and advocating some bizarre notion that spirituality and one’s faith can and needs to be separated from the way one votes, and what laws to pass.

The Church needs to get itself together and clean its house. The Church needs to get back to its roots and teach and preach the unvarnished truth, and tell the world it is ready to be judged, and that God does not tolerate the shedding of innocent blood, among other matters. Otherwise, God will break into history, and once again, demonstrate truth is eternal, unchanging, and sin needs to be answered for.

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  1. You are stop on ! Where have all the "Church Militant" gone ? Courage
    and principle once were virtues that we strove for. Today, the Wimpish
    Factor is in the majority. Even within the pro life movement we hear
    how important it is not to offend anyone. How offensive is it to suck
    the brains out of a defenseless child of God ?

    The tail is wagging the dog here. They have it all wrong.
    The inmates are running the asylum. The criminals have the law biding
    people on the run.

    But the buck stops here with you and me George. I am sick of this
    whole game. No more Mister Nice Guy. Let's start telling the
    whole truth, nothing but the truth so help me God.

    Adele Stan came around with her tape recorder and pad of paper
    looking for a way to cause trouble and finally she found it.

    She edited my speech at the Insurrecta Nex Training session and
    waited for the opportunity to make her move. It is true, George
    Tiller was a mass murder and he reaped what he sowed. This is
    Biblical. Long before I said it, peope have been reading this in the
    Word Of God for centruies.

    In nature there are no judgements, just consequences for actions.

    Adele Stan didn't report on the fact that Tiller had a physican on
    his staff who's job was only to sign the cerficates of these young
    women aborting their late term viable perfectly healthy children
    since the law in Kansas requires a second opinion that the women
    having their children killed by Tiller and Carhart would be harmed
    if they didn't have this demonic procedure. Adele didn't report
    on the 19 criminal counts that were filed against Tiller because of
    this "conflict of interest" relationship with his staff member he was
    paying to sign these offical documents.

    She did take my words and twist them around for her own diabolic
    pleasure about Tiller and Carhart offering christianing services
    incuding photographs of the mother holding her dead child in
    a long white christening dress after a phony paster baptized these
    little children whose lives had been snuffed out for no other reason
    than someones convenience and the financial gain of two sick, sinful

    It is true I would like to "get" Leroy Carhart tried by a jury of his peers
    and put behind bars for life for sucking the brains out of God's
    precious children.

    Satan's minons are roaming the earth looking for the ruin of souls.
    They manifest in many ways and one is a so called journalist who
    would post lie after lie to make problems for people who want
    to end legalized child killing.

    We will miss a great opportunity to reach thousands of young,
    women and men that will come thru the John Paul II Cultural Center
    on the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of January. They will be here for the
    March for Life.

    I had planned to havw Women from Operation Outcry and Silent No
    More speaking about the pain and regret of their abortions and how
    there is hope and healing thru Jesus Christ.

    I had planned to have a post abortive man speak on his life long
    sorrow and involvement as well as being the Executive Producer of
    the now famous movie Bella and the organization that is setting
    fires in schools and prisons around the country called Bella Hero.

    I had planned to have one of the greatest sidewalk counselors in
    the business give a training session on how to save babies lives
    in front the most evil placein the world - the killing centers.

    I was going to speak on chastity and help train young adults how
    to be real pro life activists thru the greatest trainig tool available,
    Insurrecta Nex.

    It is no wonder the devil didn't want these three days to come
    together and arm the youth from all over the country with the
    armour they need to win this most deceive battle for man's soul
    since the beginning of time !

    Missy Smith
    Chastity Programs International
    Team Leader for Insurrecta Nex