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Tuesday, January 19, 2010



George Offerman

If Scott Brown actually wins the special election today, it may usher in one of the greatest comebacks/miracles in modern political history. This story is so out of the ordinary, that one must wonder whether it has supernatural causes to it. There have definitely been many prayers for this election and a positive outcome, and there is actually some hope that our side will have a significant win with this.

However, with that being said, the pro life and Christian side of this spiritual war needs to do some real soul searching and gut checking. For instance, why is it that our side needs to be forced ‘to the wall’ in order to get charged up and act? And how many times will we get away with this before it catches up? After all, this battle is not won yet, but looking very hopeful.

Mr. Scott has promised to vote against the hell care bill, and we have to take him at his word that he will follow through with this. Now, how many times have we heard this line from a prospective candidate only to be betrayed in the end? Definitely, it is time to hold Mr. Scott’s feet to the fire if he prevails, and it is also time to clean house overall, and get some elected officials in office that actually own a backbone.

Hell care going down in flames very well may portend Obama’s presidency following suit. This could not be a better outcome, and would signal to Obama and his minions that he and the money powers do not have total control over this nation just yet, and to expect some resistance to his wanting to instill his broad socialistic, anti God and tyrannical agenda.

We, as Christians and the electorate, must take this opportunity, if given, God willing, and not squander it. There is much to do, and with this week being the Right to Life March, and having many if not most of the major players in the movement present in Washington, D.C., have an extremely great opportunity to take to the offense, in the words of a famous politician, and make some changes we can believe in.

We just celebrated a holiday, for possibly one of the greatest “civil disobedience” advocates of all time. I don’t believe for a minute that MLK would have sat back if he had a small victory in Birmingham and thought the work was done. MLK understood the need to go in for the kill once he understood that the segregationists were on the run MLK knew how to be on the offensive, and actually castigated the moderate for advocating peace at a steep price, instead of causing the social tension necessary for real change to take place.

Are we going to follow in the steps of MLK and take advantage of this God given opportunity, or once again, dodge this bullet and rest on our laurels until the next crisis? If we are to stay relevant and get the job done, we must focus on the pro life issues like we never have before, and truly mobilize the troops to get this job done.

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