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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


George Offerman

Now that it is official that Scott Brown won the election, we can look at this turn of events at least as an inspired event, if not truly a miracle. As late as last week, the most optimistic pundit was talking about a Brown loss, but strong showing, that will shake up the political establishment. I don’t think anyone really believed Mr. Brown was going to pull this off, given the history of Massachusetts electing very liberal Senators and Congressmen. Well, heaven may have had a very different view of things, and hearts were stirred to do the right thing.

Now, it is time to capitalize on this victory. It is time to take the offensive and begin to set the agenda and fight against the liberals. We need to act as if we have the truth on our side, because we do. We need to begin to hold the other elected officials throughout this nation accountable for their behaviors and voting records, and get rid of the pretenders and liars. It is time to set a national agenda, unify our side and get candidates willing to do whatever it takes to turn the tide of liberalism and get back to God given common sense government.

It ought to start with Senators like Lindsay Graham who made outrageous statements in his supporting Sotomayor for the Supreme Court. If one remembers, Senator Graham spoke about the ‘new republican’ and how the need to be in the middle is more important than ever. This is a huge change for the supposed pro life Senator, and demonstrates that the side that most have come to believe having championed the pro life cause have actually abandoned the cause for political expediency.

If we can have a miracle in Massachusetts, why not miracles in other places? Why is it that our side wants to settle once the crisis is past? Is it not becoming very obvious that the pro life movement is being played by many, if not most of the politicians? It is so important that those claiming to be pro life actually work to end legalized child killing in a consistent fashion, and take the punches they are elected to do. We, as a movement must hold them to this standard, and be willing to replace them if they don’t.

In the meantime, it is worth celebrating that the possibility of this hell care plan going down in flames as it deserves. It does demonstrate that God’s Grace still abounds and He will intervene when the motives and actions are in alignment. This election took it to the liberal establishment, and they now have to reconsider where they are taking this country. Obama is now forced to deal with this, and it is very possible that if hell care goes to the end it deserves, Obama will be seen in the future as someone who ultimately could not get the job done, and his party will have to look for true leadership elsewhere.

Much good can come out of this, but the window of opportunity will be open for a very brief moment. This is the day in which we must act, and act with courage and conviction, like most of our enemies do. It can start with the pro lifers and the tea party people getting a clear and concise agenda and using this week as a launch point to convince those in power that their jobs and careers are on the line. We have their attention now, and the right forces are running scared. The light has been shined onto the enemy’s camp, and they have been found bankrupt, morally, ethically, and fiscally.

Let us continue to call on the name of our Lord and Savior, and labor in the light. We have the truth on our side, and for the first time in quite a while, several forces are converging on our side that can create a huge opening in this battle. We need to jump in.

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