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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


George Offerman

It’s interesting to see how quickly Harry Reid is excused from the blatantly racist remarks he made concerning Obama, and how the democrats are attempting to make this go away. This is a lesson our side should take, and that is protecting our own and being on the offensive. The difference in this though, is Harry Reid said something very immoral, and his party is still covering for him. In the pro life movement, there are not immoral actions or words being used, but truth that is uncomfortable, and the first reaction is to attack and put distance between the individuals or groups making the statements or activities.

In these days when good is called evil, and evil is passed as good, the enemy is very bold in their moves. There is no shame in their rhetoric or actions, and the enemy continues to ‘impose their will’ onto Christianity, and all that is good. This is an all out war from every direction, and these people are very passionate about their cause, despite the fact it is evil, and the unseen powers and principalities are working through them. They do not compromise, make deals or even want to listen to reason.

The enemy is on the offensive, and effectively sets the agenda by proactively passing laws, dictating the terms and language of the debates, and essentially ‘shuts up’ opposition by using such lame reasoning as “don’t impose your will or religion onto us”. They have the Church and most of Christianity on the run, and have no shame about it. They have commandeered the educational systems, the political system as well as many of the mainstream Churches and pulpits and have done this through liberalizing all of the above in the name of progress. The church allowed this to happen, and now finds itself in a very precarious predicament.

In using a sports analogy, games are not won by the defense. The offense must be on the field and know how to score points. The defense is there to stop the other side from progressing. In the battle for ending legalized child killing, which side is winning? What tactics are being used? What language is being utilized? Is the truth being told? Who has the truth on their side?

Most, if not all of the problems come down to beliefs. The enemy believes their position, and follows it very passionately. They are presenting their positions with a great deal of passion and are always willing to engage anyone who disagrees with them. They have a zest and a fighting spirit that is missing in most Christians, and nearly all of the Churches, and most people are intimidated when they meet someone willing to argue and fight these positions. Even though misguided, they dominate the debate by sheer perseverance and the need to win. And win they do.

The Church, on the other hand, seems to be embarrassed by the Gospel, and hides through flowery language and soft-pedaling the message. There is very little engagement outside of the pulpit or Church building, and as a result, the Church is unable to teach the laity how to defend the faith, or even the real nature of the faith. This wimpism then is justified by many and any attempts by some of the brave clergy and laity to break out of this is met with scorn, mockery and condemnation that should be directed at the enemy.

The Church lately has been on the defensive, and only when backed into the corner, like the hell care bill currently being debated, will they react. Where is the offense? Where is the proactive debate and leadership needed to guide this country into the will and blessings of God? Where is the defense of their own teachings, such as Cannon 915, and taking the lead in the formation of proper consciousness in light of the faith?

Yes, the likes of Ben Nelson should be held accountable for his ‘about face’, but if the Church was on the offensive and proactive, there wouldn’t be 59 other senators debating child killing, because it would be ILLEGAL. The Church could truly say that no one in their RIGHT MIND would even consider killing children in the womb, the Terry Schiavo’s and other life issues. But it has been so long since the Church stood up for what is right that most don’t pay attention to what is said when they do stand up, and there is dissention, even among the ranks of the Bishops on what to do about violations of their own rules.

If the Church has no moral authority within society, it is of its own making. The Church ha spent so much time trying to be accepted by the mainstream society, that it left behind its moral standards and authority. The ever shifting moral sands of this society ought to be no match for the solid foundations of the Church of Jesus Christ, yet it is this society that is handing the Church its ‘butt’ in matters of morals and authority. This can only happen if the Church gives up its ability to be the beacon it was meant to be. We have that answer, don’t we?

On another note, Life News covered the story about disruptions by pro lifers during Sen. Casey’s speech at the capitol. Thank you, Steve. Link here:


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