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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


 George Offerman
 Euphemisms.  This is the one battle we are not winning, and in fact we are getting creamed.  Or, one could say we are currently not winning, but we are trying really hard and doing our best.  If one bothers to take a look at the way we are fighting this war (in legalized child killing, homosexual marriage, and economic crash) it will become very apparent our language is that of defeat.  The words we use have as much passion as an anesthetized patient prepared for surgery.  However, if we look at the other side, we will quickly notice how they are able to express their ideas and concepts in very emotionally charged language and do this with great passion.  Both of which is missing on our side.
It never ceases to amaze me how quickly our side acquiesces to these people.  Somehow the majority has some distorted belief that tough and accurate language equates to ‘hate’ speech, or shows disrespect, or worse yet, is ‘anti-Christian’ and ‘anti love’, and somehow, we need to get along and just ‘love each other’ and somehow this will magically bring them over to our side.  Well, how much success have we had in this methodology?  If we take a good honest look, the side that kills children wantonly, is forcing homosexuality down the throats of the majority, and the very tiny numbers in the money powers that are stealing from us blindly, appear to have the upper hand, and are not going to give it up by those soft pedaling their message.
Those who must revert to using euphemisms usually have something they want to hide.  The side of legalized child killing, homosexual marriage and those knowing of the coming economic crash want to hide the truth of how grisly and devastating their way of doing things are.  The side that supposedly represents the truth is embarrassed by it, and soft pedals it in order to ‘not offend’.  Unfortunately, it is this side that will be more accountable to God, because it is the side of truth, and should be proclaiming this truth from the rooftops, and doing it boldly.  Instead, they hide behind the mantle of ‘tolerance’ and justify cowardice with ‘getting along’ and ‘demonstrating our love’.  If real love was truly demonstrated, our side would be acting like it is our God given mission to live out the Great Commission all Christians are mandated to do.  Instead, we sell the other side down the river due to our lack of resolve to speak the truth.
So, when we decide to actually give a damn about our fellow man and demonstrate our real love for them by telling them the truth, things may actually begin to turn around.  As long as we continue to play the game of the other side, and to a large extent, the enemy of God, we will be playing on their field and by their rules.  We will continue getting our rear ends handed to us, but we will act like we did something of value anyway, and pedal this off as actually fighting the good fight and winning it.  One of the worst euphemisms our side can use is by making bitter defeat into ‘a fight well fought’.  We may be able to fool ourselves by our soft pedaling mish mash language, but we butcher the truth and continue to sacrifice our Faith and morals in the name of “a fight well fought’.   Victory is the only acceptable outcome, and anything less is a tragic failure and betrayal of the babies, homosexuals that need conversion, and soon, our economy.

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